Great Presenters Aren’t Born; They’re Trained.
If you want world-class results,
You need world-class coaches.
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“If you are looking for a public speaking coach, who better than the World Champion of Public Speaking? There is simply no better public speaking coach at any price.“

Fredrick Marckini
CEO of, the Leader in Search Engine Positioning

Best Selling Author, Harvey McKay; after Attending Workshop

Dr. Micheala Merk; Workshops Built Her Business

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You are busy. You want game-changing insights, but you don’t have lots of time.Give us two days, and you’ll never look at presenting and storytelling the same way again, Darrenteed.

Darren and his world-class faculty have been training presenters for decades. From Better Stories, Unforgettable Presentation and Humor. You can teach humor? Yup.


…or Yours!

Anyone can stand in front of an audience and deliver a presentation, but is that good enough? When your business depends on influence, you can’t wing it.

When the European giant, Luxoft, wanted to train their top executives, they brought Darren & Mark to Keiv, Ukraine. Re-think your business communication, from Better Stories, Better Business to Unforgettable Presentations.

Have Darren and his faculty train your team.


Speaking Organizations

Influence the influencers. Darren trains speakers, trainers and experts, literally, around the world. He has been training the best in the world for decades. He has inspired speakers from Australia, UK, Singapore, and pretty much every state in the country.

Check out the details of different workshops Darren offers for different speaking organizations. He is the only speaker in the world who has a CSP, AS and is a World Champion. He’s been a member of NSA and Toastmasters since 1994.