What does a speaking coach see others don't? | Darren LaCroix

What does a speaking coach see others don’t?

By Darren LaCroix | Master Public Speaking

Ever wonder what a speaking coach sees that others do not? What is the difference? Perspective.

When Mark Brown looked at the first version of my speech back in 2001, I had a painful epiphany. I realized even though I had been on stage for over seven years multiple times per week I had a lot to learn. I discovered there was another level of speaking that I would never achieve on my own no matter how hard I worked.

First watch the highlights of Anita Fain Taylor’s Speech

Now watch my critique:

First watch the highlights of Sherrie Su’s Speech

Now watch my critique:

First Watch Ramona J. Smith’s Winning Speech

Now watch my critique:

Who is your coach? Who do you get coaching from? A great coach will uncover challenges that you are too close to see. Speaking and presenting at the world-class level is different. It just is. It is in any industry or niche. It’s hard to be world-class without getting world-class insights and world-class techniques.

First, we had 8 of our Stage Time University Members reach the semifinals. (Which means, out of 35,000 contestants we had 8 people in the top 105 in the world in this year’s contest.) Make no mistake, THEY did the hard work that most aren’t willing to do, we just gave guidance from our decades of coaching presenters at all levels.

Second, two Stage Time Members made it to the World Championship stage! Sherrie Su came in second in the world and she never even spoke English eight years ago. When I asked her what she learned through the process she said, You can’t become great on your own.”

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