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Be a Sponge! Public Speaking Dunkin’ Donuts Style

By Darren LaCroix | Master Public Speaking

Ever seen something that’s just brilliant?

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of Dunkin’ Donuts. If you had been sitting next to me in my car with the top down, you would have felt the warm Vegas sun, smelled the fresh-brewed coffee, and heard me laugh out loud as we pulled through and saw the sign that said, “See you tomorrow.” Brilliant!

It seems so simple. Most drive-through windows have “Thank You” signs. That’s how many speakers end their speech. Though there is nothing technically wrong with ending on “Thank you,” it is just not powerful. When a business says “Thank You,” appreciation is nice… but, what Dunkin’ Donuts has done is brilliant. They are actually planting a “suggestion” of more business. My business brain loves that! It is brilliant.

How does this relate to your speech? Well, when you give a speech, are you planting seeds for more speeches? Audience members may have enjoyed your speech, but they may never even consider recommending you to others. I learned this from my mentor, Jim Stoval. Even though Jim speaks to thousands of people every month — and earns a speaking income that I dream of — he still always plants the seeds of suggestion in the minds of his audience members.

This doesn’t mean you have to be pushy or sell; it just means to politely suggest. Would you be offended by the sign at Dunkin’ Donuts? I wasn’t. I love their coffee, and I’m a big fan. It’s the same with your audience. If they love you, your message, and your delivery, they will appreciate passing your information on. Let them. Suggest it to them. It can be something as simple as, “This is what I do for a living; if you liked my message and know of any groups that need to hear it, please let me know.” Not pushy, just very sincere and matter-of-fact.

Many speakers love to speak but hate to sell. If you don’t want to sell, you should at least be able to suggest. If you are not comfortable suggesting, work on increasing your belief in your message. Believe that you are uniquely qualified to deliver your message the way only you can with the passion only you have. If you believe that much, suggesting should be easy.

That’s it. Clear. Simple. Direct. That’s it for this week’s edition of Sponge! “See You Next Week!”

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Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

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