Stage Time: How Do YOU Celebrate Them? | Darren LaCroix

Stage Time: How Do YOU Celebrate Them?

By Darren LaCroix | Stage Time Articles

Have you ever taken a look back ten or twenty years and looked at what you did that worked? What were your “success patterns” years ago? Let’s go back and take a look. It could just be what we need and yet forgot about.

After my business failure and chasing the impossible dream, I was financially devastated. I was living at home with my parents, and the only things I had to my name were my car, my clothes, and huge school loans. Ouch. I’m not sure where I heard the advice from, but I enrolled in the wisdom of celebrating and victories, no matter what size. It was the early 90’s when I was just launching my speaking and comedy career, and I was thrilled to book a fifty-dollar speech or comedy gig.

Celebrate your speaking successes (or ANY success)!How did I choose to celebrate? Being in my mid-twenties, I decided to celebrate with music. As soon as I got a payment from my speaking or comedy, I would buy myself a CD. (This was way before MP3s). It took a decent percentage out of my small fee. I did it, though, because I started realizing that those CDs meant a great deal more to me than the ones I owned already. I still have them today.

It is easy to get caught up in life and forget about seemingly insignificant victories. Those fifty-dollar gigs back then did something powerful. They helped me build my own personal belief. At the beginning of any new journey, that is incredibly important. I can see now that every time I listened to those CDs, it reinforced that belief. I’m so glad I disciplined myself not to buy a CD unless I earned it. I wish I could thank whomever I learned it from.

As my career started growing, I continued to buy myself a single CD for each gig as soon as the money came in. I got excited to go to the store and look. Even when I was getting up to $500 and $1,000, I still just bought one CD. Even though the percentage went down, it still was working. I then started investing a percentage into tech-tools and marketing materials that I badly needed.

Staples' Easy Button was a fun way to celebrate small successes!When I moved to Las Vegas and set up what I considered the perfect speaker’s office, I picked up an Easy Button at Staples. If you’re not familiar with it, when you push it, you hear a voice say, “That was easy!” They were fun and cracked me up. So, I started hitting the button to celebrate anytime something good happened: an order came in, a speech was booked, or I received an email testimonial about a product. It was fun!

How do I celebrate now? That is what prompted me to write this article. I need to model what worked for me in the past and choose something new. I realize that although the Easy Button still sits on my desk, I have not been celebrating lately. It is time to go back to what worked.

If you are like me and you stopped celebrating even the little victories, let’s get back to it. Make sure you make it fun. My friend Eden does a happy dance. It cracks me up when she does. Invent your own big celebration of something small. It doesn’t even have to cost anything.

If you do celebrate, please post on my blog and tell the world how you do it. Your idea may be just what someone else needs to hear. If we celebrate the little things, we may get more little things and maybe even some big things to celebrate.

What do you celebrate, and how do you do it? I want to know! Please post your comments below!


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