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Rock a TED Talk

Want to Rock a TED Talk?
What do you think you’d need to make that happen?


What are the differences between a TED Talk and a professional speech? Rock a TED Talk!

We have the tools to get you there faster.

There’s nothing worse than working really hard in the wrong direction. In fact, I believe that a little effort in the right direction will outperform massive effort in the wrong direction. Make sense?

Picture yourself walking offstage to a standing ovation with
hoots and whistles from the crowd. You nailed it.
You just know the video of your talk is going to go viral!

Want to stand out from the rest?

TED Talks are not like traditional speeches. If you don’t know the difference, organizers won’t want you. To rock a TED Talk, you actually have to say a lot more in less time.

Where do you start?

Get guidance from someone who has real-life experience. As far as TED Talks are concerned, there’s probably no one more qualified than Cathey Armillas to help you get there faster. Why Cathey?

You’ll get insight from real-life experience in this time-saving tool!

These powerful tools combined with an
intent to spread your idea will dramatically increase your chances to Rock Your TED Talk!

Watch this video!


Three Perspectives You’ll Need:Stage Design

First, Cathey is an organizer for TEDxPortland. Portland hosts one of the largest TEDx events in the world with over 3,000 people in attendance. She knows what organizers are looking for and what instantly turns them off.

Second, Cathey has coached many folks to rock their TED Talks, from celebrities to WWII heroes. They were each rewarded with standing ovations for telling their own stories. Cathey helped them bring out their best using the TED format.


“I just want to thank you, Cathey. Without you I would not have been able to do this. All of the coaching, all of the training, it helped me take it to another level. I feel like we killed it. I say ‘we’ because you helped me do this.”

–Speech, Grammy Award-Winning Rapper


Finally, Cathey has given a TEDx Talk. She has studied more than 1,000 TED Talks and knows what it feels like to prepare, deliver, and nail one under pressure. It is one thing to give a TED Talk; it is another to rock it completely.

Cathey Armillas_TEDxHickory_05-10-2014-2Get what you need to know with this program:

  • What organizers want and don’t want
  • How a TED Talk is very different from a speech
  • The 10 Essential Elements to rock your talk
  • How to prepare a talk that rocks

This program will save you time, help you avoid frustration, and guide you to rock your talk.

How to Get & Prepare a Powerful TED Talk


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