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Creating “OWN THE STAGE”

By Darren LaCroix | Most Popular

A BLOG? What the heck is a blog?

My professional speaker colleagues are all telling me, “You’ve gotta have a blog, you’ve gotta have a blog!” I still don’t really understand exactly what it is. So, in classic “me” style, I’m just falling forward, and I’ll make it great later on as I go!

Do you wait until things are perfect? Not me… I know that to make something great, you’ve got to “crave feedback,” as I teach in speaking. You can’t get feedback, if there’s nothing to give feedback on!

The other reason I’m finally starting a blog, is that I just hired Dan Lok, a mentor in copy-writing, to help me with my online business. He told me that I must start a blog. Well, if nothing else, I’m coachable. Are you coachable? With just one coaching call, I realized the power of being accountable to a mentor. So, I just launched a mentoring program of my own, too!

What will my blog be about? (I love how Canadians say “about.”) I have no idea. Sounds like: Aboooot. Love it. Cracks me up. (I just came back from a weekend in Toronto doing our Personal Presentation Coaching Champ Camp with Craig Valentine.)

I’m thinking about giving my personal insights into my own growth path (to inspire others to do the same) and lessons from the road. I’m also considering behind-the-scenes details of my STAGE TIME from the road. What would you like to hear? (I guess you can post your comments – I can’t wait to see how this works!)

STAGE TIME on the road:

As I just mentioned, I was in Toronto with Craig Valentine, the 1999 World Champ, this weekend. People have been asking us to recommend learning resources on the use of “staging” when speaking. “Well,” Craig and I thought, “Why don’t we MAKE one?” Duh! (By the way, great tip for other speakers, questions you get asked are usually products you should be creating!)

Craig and I asked ourselves, “If we’re going to create an educational tool and bring in a camera crew, we need to make sure we have a good audience. Where should we do it?”

It didn’t take us long to decide that we’d shoot our new DVD Learning System “OWN THE STAGE” in Toronto. Thanks to Joan and Peter for helping to fill the room for us on Friday night (150+ people!) It was standing-room only!

It was a perfect theatre to shoot in. The Friday night event was a challenge because of the heat — the AC unit couldn’t battle the heat of the lights! Craig and I were sweating up a storm, but the people there were wonderful. They stuck it out for almost 3 hours of videotaping! They had the added bonus of learning our insights into speaking, AND losing five pounds. too!

We also videotaped our coaching of eight great speakers during our Coaching Champ Camp on Saturday and Sunday. They came to us very good, and literally transformed to GREAT in just 48 hours. It was so cool to watch them grow overnight. They were very coachable. We have a total of 30 hours of video footage from the weekend. I can’t wait to watch it, though editing will be a daunting task!

Thanks also to Ross Mackay, who suggested I stay an extra day in Toronto and speak at CAPs! They had me do a workshop called, “To Product or Not to Product… There is No Question.” People took tons of notes and I had a blast!

Well, my blogs won’t usually be this long. I’m stuck on a plane from Las Vegas and my fingers just keep going!

Stage time, Stage time, Stage time!

Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

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