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Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach

Want secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach?


What are those small adjustments that make a big difference?

Champions think differently.

“If you are not coachable, there is no cure.”

–Darren LaCroix, CSP, World Champion Speaker

Do you have a coach? How serious are you about becoming a better presenter? Are you confident enough to hear the truth? Michael Jordan had a coach. Every professional athlete has a coach.

The best professional speakers have been coached for one reason:  They know that you can’t become great on your own. To take our presentations from good to great, we need feedback at a world-class level.

Darren admits there is no way he could have won the World Championship of Public Speaking out of 25,000 contestants without a speaker coach. He actually had 2. One coach, Mark Brown, the 1995 World Champion, gave him advice that was the exact opposite of everyone else’s. Perspective matters.

In this program you’ll see the following:

  • Common must avoids, mistakes most presenters make
  • Essential must haves you need for a powerful presentation
  • How to make the adjustments that matter most
  • Live mini-coaching (Watch Darren help speakers apply these insights.)

Shorten your learning curve dramatically and get an advantage over the competition. Tap into Darren’s decade of experience coaching speakers at all levels. He sees the same mistakes over and over again. Whether you are an emerging speaker or a seasoned professional  you’ll be able to see the mistakes that most speakers make.

After seeing this program, you will never look at presentations the same way again, Darrenteed. Darren’s coaching insights are powerful, direct, and entertaining.

Stand out, connect deeper, and be more memorable!

(Oh yeah, these simple and powerful techniques combined with an intent to serve your audience can make your speeches, remarkable!)

Take a sneak peek!


“Passion and practice without perspective can be pointless.” -Darren LaCroix, CSP

What did people say about Darren’s coaching secrets?

“I left Darren’s Boot Camp with specifics to apply to my speech as well as a very clear progress plan to develop my skills further. Darren delivers 200% of what he promises. And it is such fun you forget that this is serious learning!

-Dale Rees-Bevan

“I am continuing to see how much I have received from it as I rewrite and rewrite my current speech. Your message of giving and being there for the audience has really helped me to come from the right place when speaking- Thank you! “

-Joshua Rasco

“You have certainly prodded me to action. I now have new ideas bombarding my brain, Thank you Darren.” 

-Janet Dyson

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course I have learned some great techniques. The one thing that made a difference is the use of dialogue in my speeches.” 

-Bill Hanna

Loads of content: much of it new and unique to me (and I’ve studied lots of speaking books and programs.) I found you to be a wonderful role model, as not only speaker, but also a professional business person. Great value form beginning to end.” 

-Eric Pace

I thought I was an experienced speaker until attending this seminar. Now I know how much I don’t know, which is a great starting point for me to make improvements. Thank you!” 

-Karen Burgess

Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach

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