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Laugh and Let Go

Feeling… Overwhelmed? Stressed? Worried?

Darren LaCroix, motivational speaker... Are you stressed? LAUGH & Let Go!

No time!
Too much email? Meetings!
Kids! Spouse! Relatives!
Technology! Twitter! Facebook! Texting!
Oh my!

Get the secrets to humor that will change your mind.

When you humorize, you humanize

This is the QUICKEST way to go from horrible to happy,
AND it’s legal, ethical, and moral!


The more we hold onto stress,

the more it has a hold on us!

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of laughter…

Do you tap the power of humor… daily?

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What if…
you had the answer to relieving your own stress…

hinged on helping other people relieve theirs?

What if…  you could laugh your stress away?

What if… you could laugh at your failures and flaws?

Do you… let people get to you?

Laugh & Let Go…

Gain insight from his business failures! His stories are transformational and will help you look at life a little differently
After hearing Darren’s story, you’ll think your life ain’t that bad.

Are there habits in your life you’d like to change?

You’ll relate to his frustrations…

Can you laugh at yourself?

Failures? Flaws ? Firsts? Get a whole new perspective on the power of humor!

Darren will help you “find the funny” in life’s most stressful situations.

Comedy cuts people down, humor lifts spirits up!

“Darren, I love your energy and facial expressions!”

The world needs your story, your message & your humor!

Gain insight into…

• Why do we laugh? Where does it come from? These questions — and more — will be answered!
• R.M.T. — a message to remember
• See his feeble attempt at stand-up comedy… Stitches
• Disclaimers and side effects
• Laugh at yourself… and Darren
• Avoid Funsuckers
• Coffee anonymous
• God’s plan… Why some people are lazy
• Entrepreneur’s mindset
• Best friend’s humor perspective on being sick

Raise your vibes… Laugh & Let Go!

Funny & Inspirational Keynote by World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren LaCroix

Laugh & Let Go
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