Just for Laughs | Darren LaCroix

Just for Laughs

Just for Laffs ~ DVD Program

Just For Laffs ~ Learn to be funnier from a World Champion of Public Speaking!


Need a Laugh?

In high school, Darren LaCroix was considered “least likely to ever be funny.” His championship speech was about his struggle to become a comedian when no one thought it possible. Even himself.

Forget about your own stress. This keynote presentation is your opportunity to sit back and benefit from Darren’s “clean comedy.” Enjoy his hilarious routines!

You’ll laugh out loud at his views on:

. .
The valet

God’s plan
Two bad days meet
Coffee anonymous
Survivor humor

Darren’s big bomb
The family reunion
Rick’s letter

Be a funny speaker... Darren will show you how!

More than 25 minutes of…

Thank you, Toastmasters
TA Meeting – custom comedy
My first time on stage
Winning acceptance speech
Powerful presentations
Healing, hope, and humor!


Just For Laffs ~ DVD Program


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