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Improv to Improve DVD

Want better stage presence, confidence, and delivery ?  

Improve through IMPROV!  

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Have you ever had a moment when you were in front of an audience and you knew you were completely connected? 

You were totally present.  

What did that feel like?  Do you want that feeling more often?  If you haven’t felt it, it is something to strive for!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or someone just getting started as a speaker, improv will improve your ability to connect.  Darrenteed!   “I don’t know about you, but I would rather listen to a passionate present speaker than a well rehearsed flawless presenter who is in their own head,” says Darren.  All too often, presenters work really hard creating their presentations to make them perfect.  Trying to be perfect can require an incredible amount of effort, and 99% of the time you will still come up short.  You either come across ‘scripted’ or like an inauthentic used car salesman.

When you are on stage, there will always be something unexpected. Whether it is technical glitches, hecklers, or another unforeseen challenge, it will happen.  Will you be ready?  Here’s the key:

“The audience doesn’t want you perfect.
They want you present!”

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Your ability to “be present” is directly correlated with your ability to influence your audience.  Period.  If you are in your head, your emotions are dead.  You cannot be in your head and deeply connected to your audience.

Do you ever have these thoughts before or during a speech:

• “Will I remember my speech?”

• “Will they like me?”

• “What if I bomb?”

• “Is there broccoli in my teeth?” 

If you are thinking about ANYTHING OTHER THAN BEING IN THE MOMENT, YOU LOSE, and so does your audience!

If you keep practicing and rehearsing the same way you always have, you’ll continue to get the same results. Though my mantra is Stage time, Stage time, Stage time, he knows that without the ability to be present, you’re missing the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Another problem:

When you say the word “improv,” it can be a loaded word with false definitions: “Those are just silly games!” or, “They are just for fun.” YIKES! Danger, Will Robinson! It is not about the games, but the results they give you.  People who lift weights do not do that for solely to lift weights; they do it to be stronger. Do you want to be stronger on stage? Improv games can be fun, but, more importantly, they can accelerate your ability to handle any situation, connect with yourself and your audience.

So, what can you do?


Strengthen your ability to be present. Being present is a skill that can be developed and enhanced. It will also build your confidence on and off stage. How do you do that?  Improv secrets. Most people don’t know this, but before Darren LaCroix was a professional speaker or comedian, he was an improv actor. Not only did he take classes and play improv games, but he also got married three times a week in an improv wedding show.

Darren says, Improv has helped me immeasurably and impacts every speech I give.” For example, at the end of his World Championship speech “OUCH!,” his microphone battery pack fell off just before his closing line. His improv training helped him be present in that moment and close strong. Some improv games are more helpful to speakers than others.

In this program, Improv to Improve, you’ll shorten your learning curve, helping you become present more quickly and more often. You’ll get his strategies and secrets from the improv world that every speaker should know. You can even play games along with the audience that are insightful, fun, and easy. You’ll also get a simple game that you can play on your daily commute that will help strengthen your ability to be present.

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Attention: Speakers, Trainers, and Presenters!

Any presenter can look good in front of an easy audience, but how do you learn to look like a pro when things go wrong?  What if you could shine in any situation?

That’s the power of improv!

Gain confidence and stage presence, and improve your ability to be in the moment.  Have a deeper connection with your audience so that you can turn mishaps into magic, a good audience into a great one, and even tame a tough crowd.  Darren tell speakers, “One class every speaker should take, improv!”  Michelle listened.

“Darren, ‘Do improv’ is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve given me…
I’m loving it. Thanks! Improv exercises have started to break me out
of being in my head and forcing me to be more present.”

~ Michelle Bullas, Melbourne, Australia

Michelle said that improv helped her get to the Table Topics District finals as a brand new Toastmaster!  That’s huge!

In this program, you’ll get:improv images 1924

  • Improv Techniques to Develop Confidence
  • Darren’s Four  Magical “Mindset” questions
  • Eden’s “Yes…AND!” principle
  • A Play-by-play a game to use every day

Improv to Improve is packed with secrets, principles, and games that are adapted for public speakers. Darren learned from experts and his own background in Improvisational Theater. That crucial experience helped him on his journey to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.   How is this program different? CLICK to Hear Video of Darren’s answer. 



Improv: it’s not just for stand-up anymore!


IMPROV to Improve – DVD

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  Improv DVD ~ $49.95
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Want more insight?

• What makes this program different?

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• What is the purpose of improv?  CLICK to play, and get Darren’s video answer.

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• What are some examples of how improv has helped you?  CLICK to play, and see examples.

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• Why don’t more presenters use improv secrets?  CLICK to play, and get Darren’s video answer.

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Get Darren’s improv secrets to be more influence and fun on stage!  Order now.


Improv… it’s not just for stand-up anymore!


IMPROV to Improve – DVD

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Improv DVD ~ $49.95
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