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Business Shortcuts

Want business shortcuts?

Time: Today’s Biggest Business Challenge

Have them, use them, or waste time



“What you do off stage determines how often you get on stage.”

–Darren LaCroix, CSP, World Champion Speaker

Whether you are an emerging speaker or an established professional, time is your most valuable asset. What you do with that time is the difference between success and failure.

It gets worse. The speaking industry is changing faster than ever before. If you are not changing with it, you are rapidly falling behind.

What is your most valuable asset as a speaker? What are the essential, you-can’t-live-without-them, time-saving tools? You are about to find out. Knowing these tools and how to use them can directly impact everything in the minds of your potential clients and meeting planners.

“What you do off stage determines how often you get on stage.”

Find out from Darren LaCroix, CSP, who has been a speaker since 1994. He even completely changed his target market after years in business.

By the end of this program you will discover the following:

  • Your most important assets
  • Crucial business-building tools
  • Essential time-saving resources
  • How to clear your next steps

Stop wasting your time. You don’t need a big budget. You just need to investment your time in the areas of the business that matter most.

Business Shortcuts: Have Them, Use Them, or Waste Time!


Discover important time-saving tools and how to prioritize your time to build your speaking business!

(Oh yeah, these simple tools combined with an intent to serve your audience can make your business grow!)

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“Passion and practice without perspective can be pointless.” -Darren LaCroix, CSP

What did people say about Darren’s business secrets?

” It has made a MAJOR difference in my speaking. I have incorporated several of the concepts into my speaking and the results are exciting!

-David Schumm, Motivational Speaking & Sales Training

“Your advice isn’t always ‘rocket science’, but it always works. I can’t remember how much I paid for your program, but it’s now become priceless.”

-Alan W. Goff, Keynote Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer

“As a new member to the world of Professional Public Speaking, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you. Your programs have totally jump started my career.”

-Diana Lamadrid, ISA

Your insights and advice as a teacher and coach are invaluable and I’m lucky to know you and to have an opportunity to learn from you. There is no way that aspiring speakers could fathom how much your coaching can do for them in a short amount of time and feel free to tell them I said that if you’d like.”

-Rory Vaden, Author

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Have them, use them, or waste time

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