25 Years of World Champion Speeches | Darren LaCroix

25 Years of World Champion Speeches

The Greatest Resource for Serious Students of Speech.

25 YEARS of “World Championsof Public Speaking”

Golden Archive Recordings from Toastmasters International Conventions 1986 – 2010
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Learn the Public Speaking by
Watching 25 World Champion Winners!

On April 26, 1992, Darren LaCroix made his stand-up comedy debut. It was, by all accounts, a disaster. Ten years later, he outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries in an international speech contest…and was crowned the World Champion of Public Speaking.

How did he do it? How can you do it?

“Before I was a great speaker, I was a phenomenal student.”
~ Darren LaCroix

I studied a videos of just the winning speeches and watched them over and over again. Watching the Championship contest videos was enlightening. It was amazing to see that the winners stood out so clearly. Especially up against the best on the world!

What was it? What did they do better than anyone else? How can I do that? These were the questions that I asked myself. To uncover the answers to these questions I took my study a step further. I created a video of just the Champions & watched it over and over again. Only after multiple viewings of each winning speech did I start to see the subtle nuances that made all the difference. I found 4 commonalities of World Champion speeches that you can all work on in your presentations.

Now for the first time ever you can get all the winners on two DVDs! Thanks Bill!


1986 – Arabella Bengson “We Can Be Pygmalion”

1987 – Harold Patterson “The Pain Passes”

1988 – Jerry Starke “Please Don’t Walk on Mother’s Roses”

1989 – Don Johnson “A Many-Splendored Thing”

1990 – David Brooks “ Silver Bullets”

1991 – Dave Ross “The Train’s Still Rollin’”

1992 – Dana LaMon “Take a Chance”

1993 – Otis Williams, Jr. “It’s Possible”

1994 – Morgan McArthur “Stuck to a Bucket”

1995 – Mark Brown “A Second Chance”

1996 – David Nottage “Get Up”

1997 – Willie Jones “A Warm Boot”

1998 – Brett Rutledge “My Little World”

1999 – Craig Valentine “A Key to Fulfillment”

2000 – Ed Tate “One of Those Days”

2001 – Darren LaCroix “OUCH!” (I like this one!)

2002 – Dwayne Smith “Music in the Key of Life”

2003 – Jim Key “Never too Late”

2004 – Randy Harvey “Lessons from Fat Dad”

2005 – Lance Miller “ The Ultimate Question”


2006 – Ed Hearn “Bouncing Back”

2007 – Vikas Jhingran “The Swami’s Question”

2008 – LaShunda Rundles “Speak!”

2009 – Mark Hunter “A Sink Full of Green Tomatoes”

2010 – David Henderson “The Aviators”


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FYI – Discounts do not apply on this product, since I don’t produce it myself.

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