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Create Product Now!

Never speak for “free” again…Create Product Now!

(Even if you have never been paid.)

Want to help people get what they want and
turn your free speech into money?

Picture yourself walking off stage and seeing people running towards you with cash or credit cards in hand.

Imagine waking up, turning on your computer and finding that
someone invested in one of your programs while you were sleeping!

If you’re an emerging speaker, this could be the most important web page you’ve ever read.

If you’re a seasoned speaker looking for multiple streams of income, quickly, this could be the answer you’re looking for.

Turning free speeches into income and earning while you sleep is not some “maybe next year” dream.

It’s closer than you think. It’s simple to do and this program has helped many speakers do just that, even though they have never been paid before. This is commonplace at my office, but it would be impossible without having a product. It all started with my first CD back in 1998.

Here is the problem. Most emerging speakers, even seasoned speakers, undervalue their experience. So they never get started with creating product. They don’t think they have worth. If that is you, you’re not alone. That is a normal thought many speakers, but rarely admit. I felt it when I started.

Even experienced speakers take for granted what they do know. What you know and understand is valuable to people who are just starting out in your area of expertise. What you know is one of your biggest assets!

This is a program like no other and I’ve got proof…

Because of this, you will:

• Never speak for free again
• Avoid costly mistakes that I made
• Duplicate your time
• Have a marketing stream that pays you!
• Save time with my proven process
• Add to your credibility
• Boost your confidence
• Look more professional


Do you have ideas and just never do anything with them? Do you just think about it? Well, you can keep “thinking” about it all you want. This program will give you the steps and the motivation to get it done. I Darrentee it. When you are done, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long!


“I am now a full time profession speaker. I believe seeing my first product
was a big step
in helping me get here. I had been talking about creating a CD
for 20 years. I followed Darren’s teaching and I did it in three days.”

~ Guy Burns, President, Success & Beyond


Maybe you are wondering if you are ready yet?

If you want to be a professional and get paid, start taking rock solid steps towards your goal. Having your first CD will be a crucial first step to building your confidence while you start getting paid… and helping people! It is better than a business card and people will pay you for it. There simply is no faster ethical legal way to earn money in this business. Period.


A CD is the easiest and fastest product to create.
It should be the first thing a speaker does

It gave me back of room sales right away…”

~Jodi Santangelo, Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Show me any successful speaker with a viable business and I guarantee they have some kind of product or learning tool. They too started with just one. It is part of this business and is something that is easier than you think. If having a CD program is a crucial element of success and you are serious about your career and helping people, you must start now.


“The DVD got me moving on production and showed me how
manageable the process can be
This is an extremely valuable tool
for anyone wanting to produce a product.”

~ Daniel Moirao, Ed.D.



Wondering what you would talk about? Perfect!

I’ll give you my content-rich formula to help guide you on your first project. This will make is simple for you.


“It made me feel proud to have my first CD.
I was excited I had something I could share with people.
It really isn’t that hard.”

~ Charli Douglass, Certified One Command Leader



Think about all the free speeches you have ever given… what if you earned just an average of $1 per person in your audience? What would that number be? Well, multiply that times ten. An average experienced speaker can easily earn $10 per person on average.


“It was my first CD, and I had no idea it was so easy!
He demystified the process, which I thought was
known only to seasoned superstar pros.

He made me realize, ‘I can do this! I WILL do this!’ So, I did it.”

~ Maureen Zappala, Professional Speaker


Maureen Zappala, an emerging speaker went through this program and decided to jump in and create her first CD. She actually created three before her next free presentation that she had booked. She spoke for free to 100 people. She left with $900. That average is $9 per person. She left that program with much more than $900. She left with belief in herself. She also left knowing she could now turn every free speech into income while helping people at the same time.


“It took me two weeks to create start to finish.
It’s been selling on my website passively for over a year
and I’ve made more than $10,000 from it.”

~ Erin Pavlina, Author


Whether it takes you two weeks, like Erin or three days like Guy, would you be better off having your own program? It’s a marketing stream that pays you. Think about it. People pay for the program. During your CD program, people hear know about your speaking and other services. If they like what you do and how you do it they’ll want more. They will also recommend you to friends and colleagues. My speeches sell my products and my products get me bookings. It is better than the circle of life.

There has never been a better time in history
to create your own MP3 Pogram.

It is easier and faster to do than ever before. When I started over a decade ago it was tedious, expensive and you needed hire professionals to help. Now, most of the process can now be done on any standard computer. I love how easy it is do to it all right on my laptop!

I’ve been perfecting my process since I started with my first product in 1998. Now, product is two thirds of my income and I have more than 30 products. It all started with one, and you are only weeks away. Even if it takes you a month, your self-belief and income potential will be higher than ever.

Nothing will change until you decide you’re serious.

What are five best reasons to have your own CD or MP3, now?

#1) You’ll never give a free speech again. Period. Even if you get “no fee” you can still walk away with income.

#2) These days is essential to a speaker’s business today. Name one successful speaker that does not have product. You probably can’t. That’s my point. Years ago you could live off of speaking fees alone. That is no longer the case. Product is an essential part to a speakers business today. Take advantage of it.

#3) It’s a marketing stream that pays you. When polling my customers they tell me that the number one reason they buy from me is because they have bought from me before. It builds trust. Many people who invest in my programs also come to my live boot camps and refer me to paid speeches.

#4) A CD is better and more memorable than a business card. They won’t throw it away and when they walk in the room and see your table, you now have more credibility in their mind.

#5) People want to take you home. If you are a good speaker, you can’t teach everything you know about your topic in an hour. (At least, I hope not.) Let people take your wisdom home if they want it.


“Darren did it again. A program with high value.
Darren teaches the how to do it — but just as important,
why you need to do it.”

~ Duane Hoffbauer, Valparaiso, NE


You know life is short, if you aren’t earning more than you did last year and you want to, then invest in this resource, now.

But why is it video?
Take a sneak peek —>

CLICK to PLAY this quick video:

You’ll be seeing solid easy-to-follow examples as you look Darren’s shoulder at his computer screen. You’ll see exactly what he’s doing click-by-click.

It’s much easier to show you than for you to figure some of these things out on your own.

If you have a process to follow, it is simpler than you think!

(If the right person shows you how to do it.)

How would you know unless you’ve done it? The challenge for most speakers is they don’t have a simple process to follow. Without a proven process, it may never be done. What is that costing you in lost income every time you speak?

This seven step simple process
will take you from idea to income.

Build your belief. Help people. Earn money. All from free speeches.
(Oh yeah, it gives you bonus income at paid speeches, too!)


“I can honestly say without reservation that if you’re even slightly considering producing a CD,
you should run out and purchase this DVD right away!
The best part is that he lights a fire underneath you and really motivates you to get it done.”

~ Dan Nainan, Comedian / Actor / Voiceover Artist / Computer Expert


I Darrentee this program.

My name is on this program. My reputation is everything.

You get 77 days to make sure this program is everything I say it is.
If you don’t agree send it back for a full refund. Period.


Emerging professional speaker, Maureen Zappala, based on this program, earned $900 with her CDs. Erin Pavlina sells hers online and in her first year, made more than $10,000. How much do you think the program is worth to them?  This program will pay for itself, ten-fold.  Ask anyone who has it and follow the simple steps. Your investment is not $10,000, not even $900.


It’s not $10,000.

It’s not $900 (although, it’s worth it).

“Create Product Now!” is only $197.

You get the 7.5 steps on this 1:54:00 minute content-rich ONLINE PROGRAM.

How will you feel when you sell your first CD or MP3?

Want more proof? Read on…

“I think this is the first instructional CD I’ve purchased where the hype actually isn’t hype.”

~ Oscar Womack, Jr., CPCM, C.P.M.

— – —

“I recently bought, ‘That’s Me on CD.’ Guess what?
I’ve produced my first audio CD,
Interview ABCs from Never Go a Day without a Job.”

~ Pete Moyer, Speaker

— – —

“You show simple steps to create a CD. I have never imagined CD creation can be that easy!”

~ Jonathan Li, The FUN Speaker, Hong Kong

Hear what Maureen earned just two weeks after watching this program:


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