Speaking Skill Level 2 (Master the Basics) | Darren LaCroix

Speaking Skill Level 2 (Master the Basics)

Speaking Skill Level 2 (Master the Basics)


Who else wants to be a Master Presenter?

Connect, persuade and entertain like a pro!

Getting started on any presentation can be difficult,
discouraging, and nerve-wracking


Questions like: “How do I begin? How can I connect with any audience? How do I end this with a bang?” swirl through your mind. And it’s frustrating to have so many questions and nowhere to turn for answers!

Darren makes your journey easier & faster!

“I purchased your CDs and they have really made a difference

in how I approach public speaking. You have definitely inspired me…”
~ Brian Toner, Inside Wholesaler
Fidelity Investments Institutional Services, Co., Inc.

Darren LaCroix wanted to be a comedian; but he wasn’t funny. He didn’t know how to prepare, or how to give a good delivery. Yet, nine years later, he became the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking with a very funny speech. How did that happen? With a lot of hard work! Darren stumbled through mistakes and failures for years. He struggled just like everyone else.

Give me just 12 hours and I will knock 12 years

off of your learning curve.



Want the secrets of Master Presenters?

Dear Fellow Presenter,

I came to Toastmasters in 1992… shy, lacking confidence, and with no talent. Thanks to Toastmasters, I was able to quit my day job of 11 years to become a full-time, professional speaker. Some say I’m “lucky.” Lucky? I’m just a guy who used the tool of Toastmasters better than most. Toastmasters gave me a place to practice, mentors pointed me in the right direction, and I was willing to fail.

In preparing for the World Championship Contest I studied 10 years of championship videos (90 world-class speeches), practiced at 22 clubs, got 141 written evaluations, and video-taped myself every chance I could. I also went to the previous World Champions and became a “sponge.” Their insight changed the way I presented forever. Do you think their insight could help you? Absolutely!

My speaking and comedy mentors have condensed decades of humor & speaking experience into this proven, simple, and step-by-step system. How would you like to learn in just 12 hours what it took us years to learn? You can. Decades of knowledge. A lifetime of value.

There was no resource like this when I first started it. I created this Master Presenter Pack to help get you there quicker.

Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public SpeakingStage time,

Darren LaCroix

2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

P.S. Here is how you can do it, what you will get, and many testimonials from my students:

“I just received the Master Presenter’s Pack.
I stayed up until 2 am making use of it.
It’s great!”
~ Mohammed Abdulla Isa

Here is just a taste of what you’ll discover in the Master Presenter PACK. Everything we wish someone had told us…

  • Creating Killer Content my coach, Mark Brown, showed me (Speaking Star DVD set)
  • The 4 commonalities of 10 World Champs you can bring to your next speech
    (The Path to Powerful Presentations DVD Program 1)
  • Hooray for Hollywood Movie techniques that Impact Your Presentation with Patricia Fripp (Speaking Star DVD)
  • The most important question to ask before you write a speech
    (The Path to Powerful Presentations DVD 3rd Sec, Program 1)
  • Make ’em Memorable!  Storytelling Secrets Most Presenters Overlook (Speaking Star DVD)


“I learned more about speaking in the 77 days prior to the World Championship
than in 6 years of speaking and 9 years of stand-up comedy, thanks to mentors and feedback.”
~ Darren LaCroix

The truth is, I thought I knew enough to be good. Most speakers, myself included, think they are better than they really are. I was OK… not good, and far from great. If you don’t believe me, watch the earlier version of my Championship speech on the bonus section of the Path to Powerful Presentations DVD.

“The Master Pack has really helped me to reach where I am now.
Darren, it is a wonderful thing to give back to the organization the way you and the rest of the team are doing.”
~ Jamsheed


Most speakers are concerned about what they say, rather than what people hear. I was one of those people. Here’s what I didn’t know:

  • The importance of stories, and how to use them.
  • I could do less preparation and be much more effective. It can be easier if you know how.
  • Don’t do gestures. They often come across an insincere. Instead just be expressive. It is much more authentic.
  • Never memorize a speech. If you memorize, you’re up in your head! You can’t be up in your head at the same time you are connected with the audience.
  • There is a step-by-step process to creating a presentation.
  • I needed guidance from experts. There is no way I could have won without learning more.


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Why Is This Important to YOU?

Simple. Do you want to speak better, quicker? With even less effort?

I have personally, painstakingly compiled what I have learned from the people who taught me.

Imagine what you could learn from 5 of the best speaker coaches. It’s not too late to get the Master Presenter’s Pack.

Don’t Listen To Me…

I could show you literally hundreds of unsolicited testimonials of people who were blown away by how much my educational tools have helped them speak better, quicker.


Here’s just one of the programs in your Master Presenter’s PACK:

Become a Speaking Star!
Hands-On “How-To” Secrets from Lady & the Champs

Every single jam-packed session was taught by one of these top-level speaking experts. (Have you ever attended a conference where some sessions are good… others are just OK, and a few are totally lame?) There wasn’t a dud in the bunch. We guarantee it!

The Lady & the Champs have invested literally decades of time — and literally tens of thousands of dollars — to get where they are. You can access their wisdom, experience and secrets for just a tiny fraction of that!


World-Class Speaking Doesn’t Take
Money, Brains, Talent, Or Connections!

It simply takes following a system and learning from the best. I found the people at the top often gave me much better advice, and the exact opposite of everyone else. Why? They think differently and teach from years of experience and wisdom.

When I wanted to be a comedian, I turned to established comedians and became a great student. When I won the regional level of the speech contest, and was about to compete in the championship, I went straight to the World Champions.

Doesn’t that just make sense? Maybe it does to you & me because we think alike. I’m shocked that more people do not do that. Whenever I speak at a conference where there is a speech contest I usually only have 3 out of the 9 contestants sitting in on my session. Isn’t that crazy? I used to be in the front row, leaning forward, absorbing all I could.

“The Master Presenter Pack helped me turn a good speech a great speech.”
The tools and information improved my speech writing and delivery to the point that I won both the
Humorous Speech contest and
the Table Topics contest at the same Toastmasters District finals.”
~ Sean P. Barrett – District 40, Toastmasters International

What If You Could Get More Laughs?

Would you have more fun? Would you be asked to speak more often? Would you earn more? Most presenters want to get more laughs, myself included. I love the feeling I get when an audience bursts into laughter. Don’t you? What if I could show you how to do that more often? Unfortunately, most people believe that you have to be born funny. By now you have likely seen my first time on stage and know that learning to be funny is possible. To help teach you to be funnier, I sat down and interviewed the people who taught me how.

I started in stand-up comedy in Boston and took every class I could and studied the pros in comedy clubs nightly. But this program is not about stand-up comedy. That is a different world. Yet, I discovered that many of the same principles that apply there are incredibly helpful to speakers in the corporate world.

What I Teach Will Surprise You!

Humor 101 ~ How to Write a Funny SpeechHumor 101
Audio CD Recorded live in Las Vegas

Think like they think. Humor can be a learned skill, Darren is proof. In this program, just one 2:39 minute exercise, you’ll hear four people who never write a joke before, get laughs!


Secrets for Professional Presentations… even if you aren’t funny!

“There is nothing like the feeling of making an audience laugh.”
Darren LaCroix

Maybe you aren’t funny? Perfect. You are just like me! I took the stage for the first time at a Boston comedy club in 1992… and bombed miserably. It got even worse. My punchlines were so bad, the only thing I could hear was the ceiling fan. Ouch. Then I discovered a process. I learned that comedians actually use exercises and formulas to generate their own humor.

Do you believe funny people think differently? The truth is they do. You will never be funnier until you change the way you think. That is exactly what this program will start to do for you.

What would it mean to you if you could use humor more effectively?  Seriously! How would using more humor help you with your presentations?

Nobody Believes Me At First…

But there is a reason I have rarely had any of my educational tools returned. There is a reason whenever I speak around the world someone in the audience tells me how much they love my programs and listen to them over and over. There is a reason I get e-mails from around the world from people I never met who invested in my transformational tools at a higher price individually (rather than investing in a package) and they still find huge value.

One of my favorite e-mails is from someone who wants to be a better speaker and English isn’t even his first language!

“Darren, I can’t wait to share this with you!!!!! After I ordered your products, I’ve listen to those audio programs more than twenty times each… After the contest, one of the audience came to me and said; ‘I saw your improvement and you are totally different!!!’ and I said ‘Stage time, stage time, stage time…’ while he is laughing. I do get a priceless lesson from you. I am not only become more confident but also more willing to try new stuff (Dry jokes, exaggeration gestures, comic voices, and etc.) Thanks a lot, Darren; I am glad I am on the way of learning with you!!!”

Best Regards, Hubert (Taiwan)

Are You Already A Pretty Good Speaker?

Fair enough. Some people are pretty good as presenters. That can be the biggest problem! Why? Because they are better than most and they are comfortable. That is where I was at in 2001 as a professional speaker. When I started “hanging out” with the other World Champions, I realized just how much I needed to learn. I did not know what I did not know. I started realizing that true “professionals” are never done and are forever learning.

The Path to Powerful Presentations DVD
How I Went from Chump to Champ

On April 26, 1992, Darren LaCroix made his stand-up comedy debut performance. It was a disaster. Ten years later, Darren outperformed 25,000 contestants from 14 countries and became the World Champion of Public Speaking!

Now You Can Benefit From Darren’s 10 Years of Experience in Just 2 Short Hours!

That’s right! Darren will shorten your learning curve with this dynamic DVD. Learn fourteen years worth of tips, techniques, and champion secrets in just two hours.

Here’s what Darren discovered during those fourteen years… and you’ll get in this DVD!

  • Understanding the Cherry Tree Effect: The First Step to Creating a Powerful Presentation
  • 3 Habits of World-class speakers
  • The “Jerry Maguire” concept
  • Winning characteristics of World Champion Speakers (You can add to your next presentation)
  • The Biggest Mistake Most Presenters Make… and How To Avoid It!


I will never forget what World Champion Otis Williams, Jr. said to me…

Otis said,
so good the only question is who comes in second.”

Does that resonate with you? It sure did with me!

I decided I would become an even better student than ever before. I wanted to study and learn from every World Champion I could. I studied 10 years of World Champion Contest videos (9 finalists each year), that is 90 world-class speeches.

And then I created a video of just the winners of each year and watched it over and over again.

I Discovered Something that Shocked Me…

All the World Champions before me had a few things in common, but they all had incredibly different styles. There was no one formula for winning. They were unique. They stood out from the pack and were not trying to be someone else. They were being themselves, but bigger.  In Path to Powerful Presentations, you will learn the four commonalities each of the past world Champions have… and apply them to your next speech!

I have seen people trying to copy someone else’s style. You’ll never become great that way. The goal of my educational system is to help bring out your unique style.

For example, David Brooks, the 1990 World Champion, who has probably coached more winners than anyone, has the exact opposite style that I do. He is a writer and wordsmith. I, on the other hand, am a performer. That is my background and style. David’s background is journalism. I learned more from David, quicker, than I had since I started onstage in 1992. He is truly a great teacher as well as an amazing speaker.

I owe you – BIG time! After hearing you, I made major adjustments to my speech and to my delivery.
The results… I took first place at the Area and Division levels! So, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for giving back.
You’ve made a major difference in my life.”

~ Melinda Condray – Coaching for Success

Path to Powerful Presentations: Bonus Footage on this DVD!

  • Eye-opening look at an early version of Darren’s Speech… this proves writing great speeches is a process.
  • Peek behind the curtain as Darren dissects his winning speech piece by piece, crucial insights as to how it was put together. Powerful insights for you to use creating your next world-class speech. (Worth the full price on the entire DVD alone)

You’ll also get…

SAY WHAT? What should you speak about?Say What?
How to Find the Best Topics for You

Darren’s four magic questions will help you discover the value inside you right now, that event planners are willing to pay for.  As a result of this program you will walk away with incredible insights and new ideas about your topic and content.  Your mind percolate hearing real-life audience examples.

You’ll get answers to the important questions like:

    • Do I have what it takes?
    • What topic do I talk about?
    • What should I say?

When Darren started his speaking career in 1995, long before he won the World Championship of Public Speaking, he was clueless and content-less.  He had no speech, no talent…not even a topic.

Now, his business is thriving — and other industry pros come to Darren for advice!


SPEAKER'S EDGE: Secrets & Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience

Speaker’s EDGE:
Secrets and Strategies for
Connecting with Any Audience

This Isn’t Just Another Book on Presentations…

Improve your public speaking skills with useful resources from four World Champions and a Hall of Fame Speaker! The five experts featured in this book represent the best of the best in the world of public speaking and presentation coaching.

They cover topics as diverse as humor, motivation, public speaking, communication skills, leadership, and personal and organizational excellence. There’s no other place in the world where you will find this much skill, talent, passion, and entertainment!

This powerful resource will give you the tools to:

  • Improve your platform presence and take command of the stage.
  • Become known as a content-rich speaker who keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Get Secrets & Techniques Directly from…

  • Mark Brown ~ 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Craig Valentine ~ 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Ed Tate, CSP ~ 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Darren LaCroix ~ 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE ~ NSA Hall of Fame Speaker


“Ok, Darren – You’ve Got Me Interested.
Tell Me More About Your SYSTEM.”

I’m Delighted to! …and first I have 3 questions for you:

1.) Do you want wisdom from World Champion Speaker coach?

2.) Do you want to get paid as a speaker?

3.) Do you want to be inspired to make it happen quickly?



Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach — Audio CD Recorded live

What are the crucial elements of a great speech?(Most people miss.) What are the common mistakes speakers need to avoid? (Most people don’t.) Don’t be like “most” people. Get Darren’s perspective from years of coaching at the highest level.

GO PRO: Start Getting Paid – Audio CD Recorded live

The biggest problem with emerging speakers is they devalue their own experience! This program will show you what you already know that people are willing to pay you for, and show you how to get started. Darren gives you his outline on what to say!

Humor and Hope – Audio CD

Gain and keep momentum towards your goal or dream.  Darren’s journey from Chump to Champ will inspire you. Hear directly from his mentors, past and present.  You’ll discover his three beliefs that will help you build your own belief.

The DVD is great to watch and a perfect first step. I’ve found I learn best while driving in my car and using that time as a University on Wheels. Most of the rest of the system is on CD why? So it is more likely to be used and absorbed through repetition.

“Can you sweeten the deal, Darren?”

YES! Here are some bonuses:

CONNECT! Secrets to Connect YOU To your Audience  $49.95 value

FREE! BOUNUS CD: How to Be A World Champion Speaker  $19.95 value

Imagine getting inside the mind of a World Champion Speaker? Better yet, how about getting inside the minds of two? And what if that tour was guided by a Hall of Fame Speaker? Imagine no longer!

Listen as Hall of Fame Speaker Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE facilitates an entertaining, action-packed, idea-rich session featuring Toastmasters International’s World Champions Ed Tate (2000) and Darren LaCroix (2001). Learn the exact techniques that helped them out do thousands of speakers and made them famous! (Recorded live at a National Speakers Association Workshop) 1 Hour

“I don’t get why everyone didn’t buy Darren’s FAST START Pack.
It’s a no-brainer. Great material, good value
way underpriced!”
David Lenger, Keller Williams Real Estate / Easton, MA

Your presentations will never be the same again! I’ll Darrentee it!

It took me 77 days to write my winning speech. I’ll give you 77 days to take a listen to 7 CDs +  9DVDs. I f it doesn’t impress you, send it back and I will personally write you a check for your investment back!

Make It Easy On Yourself!

Enhance your speaking skills by leaps and bounds. Impress your clients, supervisors, and coworkers with Darren’s perfect tool kit for developing powerful presentations. He guarantees he’ll start you in the right direction.

“They are the best, most detailed, and most easily-understood
programs on public speaking that I have seen.”

~ Michael Erwine / Eaton Rapids, MI

– — – — – — – — –

“I was really impressed with Darren’s presentation… I’d always tried to influence my audience,
but he showed me how to make them think differently.”

~ Tom Zimmerman / Afton, MO

– — – — – — – — –

“Darren’s DVD is a must for anyone in a leadership position. There’s lots of content,
including a section where Darren critiques his championship speech

~ Lucas Brunelle, Instructor / Clark University

Your presentations will never be the same. Darrenteed!

P.S. This offer includes a 77-day money back DARRENTEE!



Master Presenter’s Pack:

You get:

  • DVD Set – Become a Speaking Star (value $197)
  • DVD – CONNECT! How to connect to your audience (value $49.95)
  • DVD – Say What? How to find the best topic for you (value $49.95)
  • DVD – The Path to Powerful Presentations (value $59.95)
  • Single CD – Mentors Made the Difference (value $14.95)
  • Single CD – GO PRO: How to start getting paid (value $29.95)
  • Single CD – Humor 101 (value $29.95)
  • Single CD – How to Be a World Champion (value $19.95)
  • Single CD – Secrets from a World Champion Coach (value $14.95)
  • Single CD – Humor and Hope (value $14.95)
  • Single CD – Panic to Power (value $19.95)
  • Book – The Speaker’s EDGE (value $15)
  • My Connect Card (value $4.95)

Purchased Separately: $521.45

Internet Special: $297


Master Presenter’s Pack
* * DELUXE * *

You get:

Everything on the left

Create Your Keynote by Next WeekPLUS

Create Your
Next Week

(value $297)

Click for ‘Keynote’ Details

Purchased Separately: $818.45

Internet Special: $397

​Are you making any of these Top 10 Speaking Mistakes?