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Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference 2014 ~ MP3 Recordings!

Attention: Anyone who has an important message to put out to the world.



Get excited about speaking, again.

Who else wants real-life “how to” presentation secrets that

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Champs 2014Did you miss the conference? NO WORRIES! We recorded it for you!with Patricia Fripp, Craig Valentine, Ed Tate, and Darren LaCroix

Lady & the Champs Speakers' Conference 2014 was AMAZING! Get your MP3s today!

If you missed the live event…

Now, you can feel like
you were in the front row!

Two days with four of the best
speaking coaches in the world… on MP3!


YOU also get a “time warp!” People at the live event had to choose which breakout session they would attend.

YOU get to sit in on ALL of the sessions
from the comfort of your living room, office, gym, anywhere!

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What if every time you stood up to speak, you were confident, powerfully persuasive, and a rousing success? Being seen as an interesting, inspiring, and compelling communicator is no longer a nice skill to have; it is a matter of career and business success.

Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference is not just for those who consider themselves speakers. If you’re an ambitious professional, manager, executive, consultant, entrepreneur, or sales professional, this is a perfect event for you to have on MP3!  

Four of the best speakers in the world have joined forces to help you transform your speaking. You will be getting real-life “how to” techniques from their more than 100 years of combined experience as professional speakers and speaking coaches.

You have to admit… the program looks interesting! AND, you can enjoy them again and again, as often as you’d like.

What will you get out of these MP3s?

• World-Class Presentation Skills

• “How-to” Build Your Business

• Be Inspired (Two Brand New Inspiring Programs)


Get World-Class Presentation Skills:

Under the Magnifying Glass: From Good to Great on Steroids with Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

In this entertaining, thought-provoking presentation, you will learn four specific techniques that will guarantee both you and your presentations are memorable. You will understand how to:

  • Present in a way that allows your audience to better visualize what you are saying
  • Incorporate the power of specificity
  • Add clarity and enhanced comprehension to benefit your audience

These techniques are unknown to many experienced speakers.

Laughing All the Way: Uncover Humor in Your Speeches with Craig Valentine

Many speakers do get laughs. Considerably few speakers have mastered the ability to keep their audiences laughing throughout their entire speech. In this laughter-filled keynote you will learn how to:

  • Keep your audience laughing throughout your entire speech
  • Integrate humor seamlessly into your message
  • Make your message both funny and unforgettable.

Good to Great Presentations: “Mini Speech Coaching” with Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

After you have listened to the lessons in Patricia’s keynote, you will have the opportunity to put her ideas into action. Patricia invites volunteers to deliver a few lines of their presentation. You will learn by hearing people coached by Patricia “in the hot seat.” Hear her editing, specific language, picture words, and how she believes presenting “time” first can improve even a great presentation.

This is your unique opportunity to listen to Patricia Fripp, unarguably the most in-demand executive speech coach, in action.

Your Stage, Your Story: Use It or Confuse It! with Darren LaCroix

How you use the stage can either make your story more compelling or more confusing. There is no middle ground. Don’t unconsciously dilute your message; understand how to masterfully use the techniques of using the stage. You will walk away with simple strategies that, when practiced consistently, will greatly impact your future presentations.

Workshop: Last-Minute Presentation Makeover with Ed Tate, CSP 

Darren LaCroix, Keynote Speaker

Nothing beats advanced preparation. However, there are times when at the last minute you need to create or revise a presentation. Discover Ed’s 8-step process that, when you are pressed for time, will help you create a dynamic presentation.

How to Master Delivery to Create an Amazing Experience for Your Audience: A Coaching Program with Craig Valentine

If you want to create a masterpiece, you first have to master each aspect. Many speakers concentrate just on their structure and content. However, delivery can make or break your audience connection. Hear this coaching session and move from giving a speech to creating an experience.

How to Create Your Keynote… Faster Than You Think! with Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Professional Leadership Speaker, Ed Tate, CSP

A good keynote speech begins with good structure. Learn the most important steps of confidently creating your masterpiece, faster than you thought possible.

  • Save time by preparing a simple, solid speech structure
  • Utilize familiar content with group-specific content
  • Open and close with impact

Discover why “Create Your Keynote by Next Week” is such a best-selling learning system. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers can benefit from this program.

Train-the-Trainer: How to Make Your Content Stick! with Ed Tate, CSP

Both speakers and trainers need to become more proficient in experiential learning. In this fun, fast-paced workshop, you’ll discover numerous tools and techniques you can use in every future training programs or presentations.

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Become a Masterful Speech Coach: A Very Healthy Stream of Income with Craig Valentine

Would you like to create a new, profitable income stream while doing what you love? If you’re ready to add more value for others and increase your income, speech coaching is a fantastic way.

Professional Speaking Coach, Craig Valentine, MBAUse this workshop to learn how to coach others to successfully speak in public.

Tools of the Trade: Have Them, Use Them, or Waste Your Time! with Darren LaCroix

If you are serious about building a speaking business, step one is having the right tools. Step two is using them correctly. If not, you are spending a lot of energy, with dismal results.

How to Get Paid to Speak and Keep Your Day Job! with Ed Tate, CSP

Transitioning from your day job to your dream, does not have to be overwhelming. You just need a plan.

Discover how to:

  • Get paid to speak and not leave your day job
  • Get the support of your boss and spouse
  • Prioritize your time between your job, family, and speaking

Super Star Sales Presentations: The Inside Secrets with Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

How to get more sales by SIMPLY AVOIDING common mistakes.

  • Are you losing sales you feel you deserve to make?
  • Could you benefit from being more powerfully persuasive?
  • Would it be helpful if your prospects remembered what you said?

Listen to this program before your competition does! Your future business could depend on it.

COPY THIS! How to Create Compelling Copy that Sells with Darren LaCroix

If you don’t learn how to toot your own horn, the silence will be deafening. Whether you are building your business or promoting your ideas at work, copy is crucial. Titles, descriptions, and bullet points can make the difference between poverty and prosperity.

Walk away with ideas and a structure that you can use immediately!

Producing Profitable Products: Walk Through the Process with Craig Valentine

Professional Keynote Speaker, Craig Valentine, MBA

A good product idea is just an idea. Hear Craig take an actual walk-through of a product idea from creation to income explosion. Learn how to create your own profitable product with the resulting exposure and opportunities.

Avoid the mistakes most product creators make, and walk away with a product idea that can change your life and the lives of others.

What I Learned from 30+ Years of Speaking Professionally with Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

In 1976, Patricia Fripp first got paid to speak. Since 1984, she has been a full-time paid professional speaker. That was the same year she became the first woman President of the National Speakers Association. What you will learn from her very candid comments will be partly determined by audience member questions.

As a foundation, this is what we promise you will learn:Hall of Fame Speaker, Patricia Fripp

  • Why it is now so much easier, and more difficult, to launch a speaking career
  • How our clients and audiences have changed
  • How to be considered an expert
  • How it is different being a female speaker

I’m Booked! Now What? How to Customize Your Keynote with Darren LaCroix

You’ve created a great speech. However, there there is no guarantee you will automatically connect with your audience. The secret is… customize! Save years of effort trying to understand how this is accomplished. Learn how you can research each client to personalize your speech.

Walk away with Darren’s process, and experience how you can effectively interview audience members.


Your Hero’s Journey: How to Get and Give More with Darren LaCroix

Do you wish you had exactly what you dream about? Are you tired of making excuses? You can benefit from Darren’s example. One year ago, he committed to invest just 17 minutes daily to progress towards his dream.

You will learn how to:

  • Impact your audience at a deeper level by what you do off stage
  • Shorten and enjoy your journey
  • Live your story in Technicolor

Braveology: Be Brave and Live the Life You Crave with Ed Tate, CSP

At some point in our life we are afraid to boldly proclaim what we dream of becoming. Often, we wait for motivation and inspiration to take action. This is a mistake! You need tools, strategies and courage to live the life that you crave. Bonus in this session is a live performance from recoding artist, Jana Stanfield.

In this inspiring and action-packed keynote, you will learn how to:Jana Sings

  • Get and stay “unstuck”
  • Overcome your pain and inertia
  • Use three “apps” on demand to create the life you crave

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Have you attended Lady & the Champs in the past? Then you’ll love the new content!

No matter what situation you speak and present — formal or informal, to small or large audiences, in the boardroom or convention hall — there are three ways to improve. Understand and maximize your strengths; identify and minimize your weaknesses; and learn and incorporate new techniques from experts with years of experience. You can accomplish all this and much more with a MP3 seat at the Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference 2014. .

Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference 2014 on MP3

Get UNSTUCK. Get Re-inspired. Invest in yourself.

Did you miss the conference? NO WORRIES! We recorded it for you!

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What did people take away
from the Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference?


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 Did you miss the conference? NO WORRIES! We recorded it for you!

​Are you making any of these Top 10 Speaking Mistakes?