Humor and Hope CD 3 | Darren LaCroix

Humor and Hope CD 3

Humor & Hope CD

Got goals and dreams?
Want some humor and hope to make the journey funner?
(I make up my own words.)

“We hear a lot of motivational speakers give talks, but you lived it!”

~ Excited Client

Want to feel inspired?

Would you like to speed up your progress
towards your goals & dreams?

Do you have voices of doubt that are
smothering your enthusiasm?

Are they so big that friends & family
tell you you’re crazy?

If not, maybe they simply aren’t big enough.

What would you say to a kid who told you he wanted to make people laugh for a living, but wasn’t funny and had severe stage fright? In high school, Darren LaCroix was considered “least likely to ever be funny.” In 1992, he bombed miserably in a Boston comedy club. The headliner said, “Kid, don’t quit your day job.”

That didn’t stop him. Not even close.

Nine years later he out-spoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries
to become the World Champion of Public Speaking with a very funny speech.


What if you laughed more?
What if humor was part of your winning plan?

Gain and keep momentum towards your goal or dream. Darren’s inspiring journey from Chump to Champ will inspire you.

  • Hear directly from his inspiring mentors, past and present
  • Discover Darren’s three core beliefs that will build your own belief!
  • Get insight into overcoming your little voice of doubt
  • How he’s applying his same strategy now to his new dreams…and you can too


Hear Darren LaCroix tell you his true-life underdog story…

“Darren shares his journey and lights the path to success.
Humor and Hope is a program that will make you laugh,
touch your heart, and motivate you to achieve your dreams.”

~ John Kinde, DTM, Accredited Speaker

Recorded live in Las Vegas, this is not a goal setting program, it’s a real-life story that will keep you motivated. It is designed to listen to again and again to continually re-inspire you and be a companion with you on your journey.

“I love your ‘realness’, you share your successes and your failures…through that you “expose” your ‘humanness’
which makes it easy for me to connect with you…at the same time it gives me hope
that with discipline & commitment I can accomplish my dream.

~ Barbel Warren, Talk Show Host

Just pop it into your CD or MP3 player and listen when you are feeling “un-inspired.”
Or… pop it in when you’re feeling great and want to stay “pumped up!”
Gain new insight each time you listen because you will be in a different place along your path.
Darren’s three core beliefs will be crucial to “your dream” journey…

If you’ve got humor, you’ve got hope…

You have a genuine desire to help others – there was no hubris.

Your story is a real-life example of having courage greater than our fear.”

~ Linda Bown, author

Get your humor and hope, now!.

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Live audience members raved about this program:

“Your self-effacing attitude inspires me…”
“I’ve heard parts of this before, but each time you evoke emotion from me!
Very authentic.
“I already visualize, but now I’ll do it more and be more specific.”
“Yes, it made me think of my life. Actually, heck yes!
“Instantly is made me think of my dreams”
Helped me with doubts and insecurities we have about our dreams and goals…
loving doubters and mentors that encourage us.”
“How could we not think of our own dreams when you vividly
bring to life
the path to reaching your own dreams.”
“Your clips from your mentors add so much to your words.”
Your energy, personality, and willingness to share the road is not easy…
they are all a part of the path.”
“…not to give up no matter what happens in my life.”
“The whole speech was motivating, funny, intense, enlightening and through it all very, very funny.”
“Darren, Thank you!


Just what you need when people around you are dragging you down.
This program is the perfect “pick-me-up!”

Or when you’re already feeling up! Add energy to your enthusiasm!
We all need a little inspiration. You’ll be able to enjoy it again & again. Get your Humor and Hope!

Get your humor and hope, now!

Audio CD
SPECIAL Price! $24.97

Humor & Hope CD + Instant Download!
Humor & Hope MP3
MP3 Download
SPECIAL Price! $14.97

Get the download immediately!


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