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Speaker’s EDGE Book

.What Challenges Do You Have as a Presenter?

What if there was an easierfaster, and more powerful way
to connect with your next audience?

Whether your next presentation is in front of three people in a boardroom or three thousand in a convention center, you can create the kind of connection that leaves your audiences wanting more.

“I purchased your book,
the Speaker’s Edge, and I had fun reading each chapter then picking up
the speech I was working on and making changes for the better. After 6 or 7 chapters,
my speech was much improved and I delivered one of my best speeches. Thank you!”

~ Gloria Davidson, MA III

This powerful resource will give you the tools to:

  • Improve your platform presence and take command of the stage.
  • Become known as a content-rich speaker who keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


It’s your one-stop shop for speaking success.
Learn to master structure, content, and delivery

all in one place — the Speaker’s EDGE!

Get Secrets & Techniques Directly from…

  • Mark Brown ~ 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Craig Valentine ~ 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Ed Tate, CSP ~ 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Darren LaCroix ~ 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking
  • Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE ~ NSA Hall of Fame Speaker

Here’s what others are saying about the tools
you will only get from the Speaker’s EDGE authors:

My class feedback said that I was inspiring — that I was phenomenal! I was
asked if I speak outside the Learning Annex. Your teachings DO WORK.

~ Isaak Gelbinovich — Staten Island, New York

You don’t know how much being part of the EDGE has helped me personally and professionally. I owe my new job
with a 20-percent increase in base pay to my involvement with Toastmasters and connecting with the Champs and Patricia Fripp

~ Bill Kennedy — Central Islip, New York

Speaker’s EDGE:
Secrets and Strategies for
Connecting with Any Audience

A quick read… packed with value!

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What’s inside this great public speaking resource?

Here’s a list of value that’s packed inside!

~ Table of Contents ~

This Isn’t Just Another Book on Presentations xi
Platform Presence 1
Connecting with an Unfamiliar Audience 3
Show Up Early 4
Six Keys to Connecting Your Keynote to Your Audience 4
The Emotional Tap: The Fastest Way to Connect 7
Halfway through Your Presentation, You Realize This is Not Working! 8
Internalize, Not Memorize 13
7.5 Suggestions for Getting Out of Your Head 14
Unveiling the Magic for Being a More Effective Speaker 19
How Our Audience Members Learn 19
Engage Your Audience 22
Don’t Speak Too Quickly in Front of Your Audience 24
Build Emotional Connection through Eye Contact 25
Getting Over the Jitters Before You Speak 26
Seven Timely Tips for Pre-Presentation Preparation 29
How to Lose an Audience in Ten Ways 31
Speak into the Listening That People Are Hearing 39
Appreciative Listener 40
Empathic Listener 40
Comprehensive Listener 41
Discerning Listener 41
Evaluative Listener 41
Eight Keys to an Effective Q & A Session 45
Set Expectations 45
Ask “What Questions Do You Have?” 45
Rephrase the Questions 46
Frame Your Responses 46
Make Sure Your Answers Are Brief 46
Include the Whole Audience 46
Acknowledge the Importance or Validity of the Question 47
Occasionally Ask, “Does that Make Sense?” 47
A Powerful Presentation Lesson From Dr. Wayne Dyer 49
Content Excellence 51
Ignite Your Audience with Your Introduction 53
What’s Wrong with That Introduction? 54
Five Guideposts to Fire Up Your Audience with Your Introduction 54
Mind Your Ps and Qs 59
Poetry and Quotations 59
Preponderance and Quantity 60
Pace and Quickness 61
Pause and Quietness 62
Power and Quality 62
Speak to Be Remembered and Repeated 65
Speak in Shorter Sentences 65
Choose the Best Punch Word 65
Perfect Your Pause 66
Repeat Your Key Ideas More Than Once 66
Say Something Memorable 66
Want Your Audiences to Remember What You Say? 66
Learn the Importance of Clear Structure 67
Five Tips for Exciting Speeches 68
So You Want to Speak and Can’t Think of What to Say 69
Four Strong Openings 72
The Daily Debrief 81
Debriefing Models 81
Four Ways to Tighten Up Your Speech 87
Anecdotes (Stories) 87
Activities 88
Analogies 88
Acronyms 88
Lights … Camera … H U M O R! 91
Rule of Three 92
A Great Example from a Student of Humor 93
Looking into Personal Experience to Find the Moments of Humor 93
Winning Techniques 97
Using Plan B Can Make Your Presentation Stand Out 99
The Suspended Story 103
Select Your Story Very Carefully 103
Use the Technique Sparingly 104
Tap and Transport 109
Tap: The Key to Hooking Your Audience 109
Transport: Invite Your Audience to Join You on Your Journey 110
Tools That Invite Your Audience into Your Scene 111
Check the VAKS 111
It’s Easier to Earn a Gold Medal Than to Win a Trophy! 115
Earning Credibility That Wins Business 121
Seven Fripp Do’s 122
Three Fripp Don’ts 123
Every Great Proposal Starts with Great Questions 123
Creating a Successful Proposal 124
Using Power Pitching to Get the Personal Connection Edge 125
The Eleven Biggest Traps to Avoid 126
When You Speak: Turn Dull into Dynamic! 127
Sound Intelligent, Powerful, Polished, Articulate, and Confident 130
Are You Guilty of the Unconscious Goof That Can Hurt Your Credibility? 131
Levels of Abstraction: Fat and Skinny Words 132


I’ve just returned from Finland where I represented the UK in the European Finals of the JCI (Junior Chamber International)
Public Speaking World Championship and I won! The tips and techniques I picked up from the Champs
played a HUGE part in helping me put together and deliver a winning speech. Thank you so much!

~ Simon Bucknall — London, England


The EDGE is the premier educational resource for speakers of all experience levels.”
~ Chris Elliott — Columbus, Ohio

Speaker’s EDGE:
Secrets and Strategies for
Connecting with Any Audience

A quick read… packed with value!

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This Isn’t Just Another Book on Presentations

Improve your public speaking skills with useful resources from four World Champions and a Hall of Fame Speaker! The five experts featured in this book represent the best of the best in the world of public speaking and presentation coaching.

They cover topics as diverse as humor, motivation, public speaking, communication skills, leadership, and personal and organizational excellence. There’s no other place in the world where you will find this much skill, talent, passion, and entertainment!

How fast do you want to take your speaking to the next level?

Stop wasting time on the expensive “guessing game” trying to become a great speaker. This book provides great information and gives you a sneak peak at the fastest track to becoming a world-class speaker.


This book contains three sections focused on the objective
of helping you become amazing on the platform:

Platform Presence.

This section is devoted to helping you create
impact from the
moment you step on stage until you bid goodbye to your audience.

Content Excellence.
At the core of every great presentation is well-
written content.
You’ll learn the secrets of writing compelling speeches.

Winning Techniques.
From sales presentation tips to earning credentials and expertise,
this section will help you win more often and experience success.


This is truly amazing! The value you give in the EDGE seriously exceeds the price.
If anybody ever wants to improve their speaking in any capacity, they need to get the EDGE — yesterday!

~ Frederic Gray — Temple Terrace, Florida


Speaker’s EDGE:
Secrets and Strategies for
Connecting with Any Audience

A quick read… packed with value!

and get the e-book for FREE!


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Speaking to Youth (value $29.95)
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A quick read… packed with value!


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