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Speak Like a Champion

Speak Like a Champion

Do you think you have to be

“born” a great speaker?

“Until I listened to Darren’s
“Speak Like a Champion” CD series, I thought you were either born a good speaker
or there was no hope. Darren taught me that becoming an excellent public speaker is possible
for anyone who is willing to commit to that goal, work hard to reach it, and never turn down ‘stage time’.”

~ Karen Rankin

No more fear of public speaking! Learn from World Champion Darren LaCroix!


Wish you could overcome the fear of public speaking?

Want to present with power?

Have you ever sat in awe of conference speakers who hold an audience in the palm of their hand? Do you wish you could do that? Darren LaCroix, the World Champion of Public Speaking is proof that anyone can learn to be a great speaker!

“Before I was a great speaker, I was a phenomenal student.”
~ Darren LaCroix

Darren was not born with the gift of public speaking. But his drive, determination, and daring to dream led him on a journey from an awful to awesome public speaker. He is living proof that you can accomplish anything if you are willing to work hard at it.

In the Speak Like a Champion CD series Darren takes you step-by-step through his learning process and teaches you how to develop effective communication skills. You are privy to the public speaking techniques and training programs of motivational speakers and public speaking coaches he utilized along his way.

What You Will Learn…

CD #1: The Journey ~
Discusses the important lessons Darren learned on his journey from chump to champ.

  • Develop the habits of great public speakers
  • Discover the public speaking techniques of professional speakers and learn how to use them effectively
  • Learn how to deliver a powerful message and speak with impact

CD #2: Speech Creation ~
The step-by-step process by which Darren created his championship speech.

  • How the “speakers triangle” affects every presentation you will give
  • How the winning speech was created-from original idea to the moment he won
  • How to improve your stories

CD #3: Lessons from My Coach ~
Darren and his coach are interviewed about coaching a championship speaker.

  • Understand the role of a speech coach
  • What makes a coach-student relationship work
  • Why every champion needs a presentation skills coach
  • How and where to find the coach that’s right for you

CD #4: Free to Fee ~
How to become a professional speaker.

  • How to get started
  • What they will pay you
  • Why they will pay you

Darren LaCroix is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, comedian and motivational humorist. He instructs corporate clients such as the Sheraton Hotels, IBM, and Fidelity Investments on how to use humor in the workplace, Since winning the World Championship of Public Speaking Darren has coached and taught CEOs in countries throughout the world how to improve presentation skills.

“If you are looking for a public speaking coach, who better than the World Champion of Public Speaking.
There is simply no better public speaking coach at any price.

~ Fredrick Marckini, CEO of iProspect.com,
the Leader in Search Engine Positioning

Start on your journey to being a great public speaker today!

“The Speak Like a Champion program is outstanding!
My fellow Toastmasters may be a little tired of me raving about how much I’ve learned from it.
It is the best, most detailed, and most easily-understood programs on public speaking that I have seen.”
~ Your student, Michael Erwine

No more fear of public speaking! Learn from World Champion Darren LaCroix!

Speak Like a Champion is darrenteed to
change the way you look at public speaking …

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