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Learn How the Pros Make ’em Laugh

Learn How the Pros Make ’em Laugh

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“Make ’em LAUGH is invaluable.
I am not a naturally funny person, but
after listening to the advice of the eight experts
I find myself actually thinking in a more comedic way.”

~ Celeste Longacre,
Author and Syndicated Radio Personality


Learn How the Pros Make ’em Laugh
CD Audio Learning Program

4 CD set, 60 minutes each
28-page workbook (PDF format)

4-CD Set ~ $99.95
MP3 Download ~ $39.95

.Improve Presentation Skills with Tips from Stand-Up Comedians

Have you ever sat in awe of a stand-up comedian or conference speaker who made the audience laugh all the way down to their toes? Did you ever wish you could do that? Well, you can! Because humor is a learned skill.

In high school, Darren LaCroix was dubbed “the least likely to ever be funny.” But one day he heard these words from motivational speaker Brian Tracy, “What would you dare to dream if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

“A comedian!” Darren thought.

Darren’s friends and family thought he was crazy. In fact, the first time Darren ever made his brother laugh was when he told him he wanted to be a comedian! You see, they were comparing Darren to stand-up comedians like Seinfeld, Robin Williams, and Carson–people already at the top of their profession.

Too many times we let other people define our success. Darren LaCroix did not. And in 2001, Darren “outspoke” 25,000 contestants from 14 countries in an international speech contest and was crowned the World Champion of Public Speaking.

How did he do it? How can you do it?

“Before I was a great speaker, I was a phenomenal student.”

~ Darren LaCroix

In this 4-CD set learning program, Darren brings you the wisdom and ways of four stand- up comedians and four humorists at the top of their game. We guarantee you will never look at humor the same way again!

If you want to learn how to be funnier, heighten your confidence in front of an audience, and be at the top of your game this is the public speaking training program for you!

“Make ’em Laugh is outstanding. I realized the benefits immediately! Comedy writer, Katie Grady talked about the rule of three. I got a huge laugh the first time I used this technique.”

~ Ed Tate, 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking

What You Will Learn:

  • Ways to deliver your messages more effectively
    Tips to help you bond with audiences

  • Body techniques that improve presentation skills

  • More advice from the pros

  • How to deal with stage fright

  • Tips on what makes people laugh

  • Techniques that will get you more referrals


Improve sales presentation skills, fine-tune your training programs, and increase profitability with humor!

It’s a powerful tool for achieving your desired results.

About the Pros

Don Gavin ~
Boston comedy legend, seen on Showtime, HBO, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Evening at the Improvisation

Bob Seibel ~ Stand-up comedy veteran of 20 years, Carnival Cruise Lines & corporate events

Kevin Knox ~ Stand-up comedian, regular at the Tropicana in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, seen on Comedy Central

Katie Grady ~ Stand-up comedian and comedy writer. “One of the best young comedians” – Boston Globe

Izzy Gesell, MS Ed, CSP ~ “America’s Humorologist,” keynote speaker, trainer, author of the improvisational activities book Playing Along

Rosemary Verri ~ Nationally known motivational humorist, teaches people how to practice “Safe Stress” and “Laugh for the Health of It!” Member National Speakers Association

Judy Buch ~ International “Ventriloquist of the Year,” seen on Good Morning America, Member National Speakers Association, past president of New England Speakers Association

Dick Doherty ~ Comedy headliner at The Improv, Copa Cabana in New York City, and the Hong Kong Convention Center, member National Speakers Association

Darren LaCroix ~ Internationally recognized keynote speaker, stand-up comedian, and motivational humorist. He instructs corporate clients such as the Sheraton Hotels, IBM, and Fidelity Investments on how to use humor in the workplace. Since winning the World Championship of Public Speaking Darren has coached and taught CEOs in countries throughout the world how to improve presentation skills.

One of Darren’s secrets! “I listen to stand-up comedy on my way to keynote speeches. It helps me get in the right frame of mind to make the audience laugh.” Order Learn How the Pros Make ’em Laugh today and start the laughter!

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