Ok, so I’m picking up my mail and… | Darren LaCroix

Ok, so I’m picking up my mail and…

By Darren LaCroix | Master Public Speaking

I go to my UPS Store (where my PO Box is) usually a couple times a day. I’ve been going there for the past three years now. I’ve got to know the owners and the people that work there very well. Even though they know what I do for a living, to them I’m a customer. They’ve never seen me do what I do.

As woman who just walked into the store, I was turning to leave and the owner said, “Bye Darren.” The woman stopped in her tracks…turned to me…shock on her face and said, “The Darren LaCroix?” “Yes,” I replied hesitantly. You would have thought she met a celebrity. “Oh, my goodness, wow…” Seeing this woman glow and be excited to meet me in person was more than the owner of the store, Bethany could take. I think Bethany was ready to puke! (Which cracked me up).

Turns this woman, I forget her name, is a professor at Tulsa Community College. She uses my DVD to teach her speaking class! She did not know that I lived 1 mile from TCC.

Where did that come success from? We call it in out Get Paid to Speak Champ Camp – Success Backwards. That moment was brought to me by investing in a publicist specifically for the library market. I did not know if it would be worth it, and I had stretched myself to do so. It paid off, and still is to this day. Do you look back at where your successes come from?

Stage time, Stage time, Stage time,

Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

PS. Bethany never did puke, but the look on her face was priceless!

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