Be Sponge: Humor Tip - Don't Try New Material in an Ambulance | Darren LaCroix

Be Sponge: Humor Tip – Don’t Try New Material in an Ambulance

By Darren LaCroix | Funny Public Speaking

OUCH! A New Story...FYI, This is a classic article of mine written in 2008.


I’m trying to smile. Just not so easy when you had food poisoning. If you sent me an e-mail in the past week, may be a while before you get a response. I ate dinner at 5:30 and by 10:30 I was constantly sick in between 20 minute “pauses.” After 6 hours, I finally “let go” of myself “guy” talk and called an ambulance. Why do we wait so long, guys?

I’d love to tell you how tough I was. Not the truth. Had some scary thoughts, along with some amusing ones. As humiliating as it was, I still found myself saying, “This is going to be a good story someday.” Now, I’m thinking, “Why wait, let’s blog about it!” Guess technology does change what we do and how we talk about it.

I did try to crack up the ambulance dude and dudette, but don’t remember if they thought I was funny or not. My coping mechanisms kicked in, but they were not running on all cylinders. After a couple hours on the IV and 2 doses of nausea medication they sent me home in a taxi cab to rest up and recover.

I learned some lessons about myself through this ordeal. Namely, I need to take better care of my health to be able to fight off disease. Think my “severe case” would not have been so bad if I were eating better and working out. Why did it take this to get me running again? What we’ll do to get a better story!

Whenever you have an “Ouch Moment” think, “How could the lesson I learned help others?” Then you have, not just a story, but a story with a message.

In between the Stage Time,


P.S. On the upside, after getting sick for 6 hours straight, they gave me this neat white bracelet and now I’ve got great abs!

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