Laugh & Get Rich!

In Laugh & Get Rich, Rick Segel and Darren LaCroix detail ways to increase profits by using humor in the workplace. Both notable motivational humorists and keynote speakers, Segel and LaCroix have entertained business audiences, motivated employees, and coached corporate executives in the finer points of public speaking worldwide. And now they have gleaned their vast experience into a practical guide to help improve sales presentation skills and increase profits.

What will set your business apart from your competitors?

Price, convenience, efficiency? Maybe. Quality, service, selection? Possibly. But what other tool can separate you from your competition and create a more loyal customer base?

What you will learn from reading Laugh & Get Rich…

  • The three most powerful tension-relieving questions
  • How to identify and neutralize Funsuckers. (There’s one in every office.)
  • Wait management… tips for alleviating your customer’s stress in your waiting room or when placed on hold
  • Oh boy, another staff meeting… how to make your staff meeting attendance-getters and team-building opportunities
  • How to build stronger client and employee relationships
  • How to take situations that frustrate your customers and turn them into fun
  • Ways to differentiate yourself from the competition in any industry

You’ll read real stories behind the Laugh & Get Rich philosophy . . .

  • A company that went from zero to $6 million in six years
  • How Furniture + Fun = $$$$
  • The real meaning of MOCHa HAGoTDI

And that’s not all…

Rick and Darren outline 50 tips, techniques, and strategies to help you Laugh & Get Rich!

Humor in Business – it’s not just for advertising anymore!

Whether you are using humor in the workplace to improve sales presentation skills or to fine-tune your training programs, success comes easier when you are part of the process.

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Laugh & Get Rich
Rick Segel

Rick Segel, Certified Speaking Professional, is a seasoned retailer. He is an internationally known public speaking training program developer, and business consultant. Rick is the author of Retail Business Kit for Dummies and How to Drive Traffic to Your Business.

Darren LaCroix

Darren LaCroix is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, comedian, and motivational humorist. He instructs corporate clients such as Sheraton Hotels, IBM, and Fidelity Investments on how to use humor in the workplace. Since winning the World Championship of Public Speaking, Darren has coached and taught CEOs in countries throughout the world how to improve presentation skills.