Keynote | Darren LaCroix


What are your people dealing with?

Darren’s story will change the way they think.

What would you say to someone who wanted to be a comedian but had a fear of public speaking and wasn’t funny? What do you tell your kids when they have “crazy” dreams? They thought he just was not “cut out” for that. Are your people feeling beat up? Are they they on top and they want to be even better…

Darren’s story will inspire them. No one encouraged him. He bombed in a Boston comedy club in 1992 and still became the World Champion in 2001 out of 25,000 contestants. He was just a regular guy with no talent, but he was persistent and willing to fail. He guarantees that you will not forget his story. He is living proof of what can be done!

There are many Champions who speak.

Are they World Champions delivering the message?

YOUR ROI: The audience members will be inspired while they walk away with transferable “real” lessons that they can apply to everyday challenges. They will fully understand the value of failure in the pursuit of achievement, told in a way no one else ever did.

He has roused audiences in faraway places like Oman, Malaysia, and Taiwan with his inspirational journey from first-rate chump to first-class champ, proving that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it. Why not yours?

A message your audience needs to hear,

delivered by someone who lived it.

Darren will make you look good.

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