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Wells Fargo

“I enjoyed the opportunity to meet you last week and can see why the team was so impressed at our sales conference that they wanted you back to share your insights with our customers. The feedback from the event was very positive and your talk was a highlight.”

David Trotter
Executive Vice President Head of Treasury Management
, Wells Fargo Bank

Better Stories, Better Business

More Influence in Less Time

Darren shows busy executives how to have more influence through the power of well-told stories.

You have a pivotal message to deliver, whether it’s in the boardroom, in front of potential clients or at a networking event. But, you struggle with inspiring your listeners to take action. Is your bottom line suffering? Maybe you are not closing the sale often enough?

Great communicators are great storytellers.


  • Why Stories Matter in Business Communication
  • 5 Essentials to an Unforgettable Story Storytelling
  • Secrets Most Executives Don’t Use
  • How to Apply These Ideas in Your Industry
17 Minutes to Your Dream
17 Minutes to Your Dream

17 Minutes to Your Dream

How to Get the Breakthroughs You Need

Kid’s dream-like rivers flow. Why did we lose that? Because well-meaning people trained the dream out of us. Direct Sellers, Entrepreneurs, or anyone with a big dream, listen up! Whether you want to scale your business, inspire your team or quit your day job, this presentation is for you! What would you say to a young kid who dreamed of making people laugh for a living but wasn’t funny?

  • – In 1992 Darren LaCroix, bombed miserably in a comedy club in Boston, MA. As he walked off stage, the headliner that night said, “Don’t quit your day job.”
  • – Without a funny bone in his body and a willingness to fail, Darren pursued his childhood dream of making people laugh.
  • – Nine years later, he out-spoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries and was crowned the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking with a very funny speech. Not only that, but people are talking about his “unforgettable” speech two decades later!

How did he do it? What was his strategy? 17 Minutes to Your Dream.


  • Overcome Doubt
  • Build Belief and Gain Momentum
  • Experience Breakthroughs

From Chump to Champ

“We’ve had many speakers tell us what to do, but you’re different. You lived it.”

With his true-life underdog story, Darren LaCroix inspires attendees to defy the odds and reach their lofty goals.

Do your people feel overwhelmed and in need of a heavy dose of inspiration? Do they need to be re-energized? The one thing that makes an event special is the story that moves people forward and takes away any excuses. An unforgettable true-life story delivered with passion can be the catalyst that gets people rejuvenated and back on track. This keynote is perfect as an opener or closer for your event. One attendee firmly shook Darren’s hand, looked him in the eyes and said,


  • Inspiration to look at challenges in a new way
  • A bigger belief in what is possible
  • Action steps to create new habits


Do you want to give a presentation? Or actually be heard?

Anyone can stand up and give a presentation, but how do you stand out from other presenters? How can you create a presentation that is truly unforgettable? If people don’t remember your message 3 months, or even 3 days later, you may have wasted both your time and theirs.

With the right process, you can develop and convey a powerful message.


  • A 5-Step Proven Process to Create Unforgettable Presentations
  • Little-Known Presentation Secrets to Making Your Message Stick
  • 3 Critical Essential Techniques for Making Presentations Stand Out

With these world-class techniques, experienced presenters can deliver an unforgettable message that leaves their audience wanting more.


We’re delighted to provide more information about how Darren can help make your next event UNFORGETTABLE. Give us a call or send an email to his calendar for availability and get fee details.