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Who's Growing Faster… me or Ed?

By Darren LaCroix | Darren on the Road

I spent last weekend with Craig Valentine, and this weekend, I was with Ed Tate, attending a seminar on marketing seminars. (Both these guys are intent learners, and great friends off the platform).

As I flew to Atlanta for this conference, the pilot came on the loud speaker and said, “We’ve got to stop in Springfield to get jet fuel to make it to St. Louis.” LOL. I cracked up… would have thought “Hmmmmm we’re flying to St. Louis (my layover) …we don’t need the checklist we’re fine.” I would’ve thought jet fuel would have been on the checklist. Am I just overly logical? I guess there were storms, so we didn’t have enough fuel to circle. It still sounded funny! (ooooooops tangent!)

Ed Tate and I went to Atlanta to learn from Internet Marketing Guru, Armand Morin — one of the guys who created OUR FAVORITE easy-to-use marketing tool that we’ve been using for years… InstantAudio and InstantVideoGenerator (audio and video on our sites and in e-mails – Try it for 21 days for free)


We both study and learn in our own ways… Ed is a huge note taker, I’m an intent listener. I know when we do our “Cruise with the Champs,” Ed Tate takes twice as many notes as any of the participants. In fact, at this Atlanta seminar, Ed was asking so many questions, he started passing me notes to have me ask some for him. That’s funny! I loved it.

Who is growing faster? Who cares! We’re both growing in our own way and at our own pace. The reason I was excited to have Ed there is we both took away different ideas and thoughts — all helping us to fill our boot camps and build our business.


Ed taught me that instead of trying to fix a weakness, we should focus on our strengths. He and I both believe in leading with our strengths. We attended the seminar in Atlanta as purely “attendees.” (It really feels weird walking into a meeting room and not having to set up an educational product table.) We are already getting 20-40 people at our Champ Camps. But what we are doing and how we think will only yield those same results. The reason we’re here is because our goal is to have 100 people at our boot camps on a regular basis. We can’t do that with our current techniques and ways of thinking.

What are your strengths? What are you doing to make your strengths stronger?

Stage time, Stage time, Stage time,

Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

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