Tension Relief — REAL LIFE STAGE TIME | Darren LaCroix


By Darren LaCroix | Darren on the Road

I’m waiting in line for a flight from LA to Vegas when an attractive woman, who was obviously very concerned with her looks (invested in prestigious name clothing, the nails, the hair, the sunglasses & “casually dressed” to the nines), heard our flight was delayed by 45 minutes. She let out a disgusted gasp… Uuuugh!

I turned to her and in a deadpan delivery said, “It could be worse, you could have a delayed flight and be ugly.” Then I turned away.

She broke “Muffy” character with a big natural smile and she thanked me. I went back to writing my newsletter and theoretically rode off into the sunset knowing my “humor hero” job was done.

Do you look for tension in others? Do you try to relive it? Real life situations can be fun and awesome practice for learning humor. My Winning Regional Speech RMT (and my keynotes) Relieve My Tension was about just that. (You can view that speech on my DVD The Path to Powerful Presentations)

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