And the Winner is… | Darren LaCroix

And the Winner is…

By Darren LaCroix | Darren on the Road

2007 World Champion of Public Speaking is Vikas Jhingran (Region VII, Dist 31)

2nd Place Rory Vaden (Region V) (EDGE Member)

3rd Place Mark Hunter (Australia)


I had the pleasure of working with Vikas on his speech, two times when I was in Boston visiting my family. He listened to everything I offered, and then he stayed true to himself and his style (A lesson to mentees and coaches everywhere). He stretched himself and truly evolved his speech. Congrats.

Wow, Rory set the bar incredibly high from the number one spot. Though I looked at Rory’s speech and only gave him feedback once, he did an incredible amount of work on his own. He is truly a great speaker who continues to work hard and add to his talents. Excellent.

Did a superb job. He was coached by Jim Key. I’m truly amazed when International contestants can give two incredible speeches in one week! Well done. Congrats to you and Jim!

• Bryant Pergerson (Region II) EDGE Member– As Bryant’s coach, I was incredibly proud of his performance. I’m proud to call him my friend, as I worked with him, we created a friendship that will last…he gave the speech he came to give, under the pressure of the contest!

• Rich Breiner (Region IV) EDGE Member – Wow, has Rich grown as a speaker since I met him. He had an incredible connection with the audience. He also thanked his fellow EDGE members in his interview. Cool!

That’s all for now, reporting in from Phoenix, AZ!

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