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I Have to Give a Presentation


“OH, CRAP! I Have to Give a Presentation!”

Breathe. Here's a Powerful Process Made Simple.The Process...

Have you been put on the spot to give an important presentation? Concerned about how you will look in front of potential customers, clients, or worse, your peers? Do you dread it? Oh, no! You just found out your boss will be there, too. Panic!

Many presenters want to save time and create a new presentation from a slide deck they have used before. They are fooled into thinking that it will actually save them time. One of two things will happen. Either they will get frustrated and end up taking much longer to create the presentation than they expected, or they will deliver a confusing, muddled message. Usually both. A confusing message can’t be a powerful one.

Maybe you want to create a world-class presentation but don’t know where to start. Perfect. With this program, you’ll see the crucial first steps to get there faster. Without these steps, the road is long and frustrating. Even worse, you may never reach your goal of delivering a powerful presentation.

You’ll get insight from real-life experience in this time-saving tool!


(Oh yeah, this proven-process will
impact every presentation you give
for the rest of your career.)

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Where do you start? Just breathe.

Here’s a powerful process made simple.

Understanding how to put your presentation together quickly can relieve a lot of stress. This program will give you confidence. The foundation and structure of your presentation are essential to its success.

Picture yourself about to walk
in front of your audience, confident in
your message and presentation.

You have found it easier to internalize
your speech because you invested
a little time into organizing it efficiently.

You know your audience will get it.
Confidence rocks.

OH, CRAP! I have to give a presentation!

Darren LaCroix demystifies the process for you. This step-by-step program is distilled from years of wisdom gained from coaching corporate presenters, executives, and professional speakers.

Why Darren? Though he bombed miserably in a Boston Comedy club in 1992, nine years later he outspoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Darren learned this the hard way, so you don’t have to.

He makes it simple.

Poor Structure...

In this program, you’ll get these tools:

  • A simple, powerful process to follow
  • The important essentials to make your
    presentation memorable
  • Confidence from a proven speech structure

After this program, you’ll know what to do and how to do it the next time you have to give a presentation. Who knows, you might even learn to love it!

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“OH, CRAP! I Have to
Give a Presentation”

Breathe. Here’s a Powerful Process Made Simple.


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