How to Impact Lives Through Your Story | Darren LaCroix

How to Impact Lives Through Your Story

Darren LaCroix's "Your Hero's Journey: How to Impact Lives Through Your Story"

What is your story?

Would you like to affect your audiences at a deeper level?

Want your message to resonate and be remembered

Which of your stories should you share?

You’ll find out…

This is not some new technique or speaking strategy. It is much bigger than that. This unique program will help you see inside your own life. It will change how you look at presentations and your journey. Darrenteed!

We all have stories that the audience needs to hear,
but how do you know which stories and experiences to share?

Choices we make “off stage” affect us ON STAGE.

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In this program, you’ll discover how to…

  • Find your story
  • Affect your audiences more deeply
  • Create better stories
  • Get unstuck… and have a new perspective!

This is not about a new technique or gimmick.

It’s about real life.

What you do off stage directly impacts your ability to change lives on stage. Your audience does not want a speaker; they want a hero. Heroes are not perfect. Impacting lives is simpler than you might thinkHear Carla

Keynote speaker and song-writer Carla Beck was in the audience and said,
Your Hero’s Journey will be a landmark in my life.
I will go back and remember that that’s where things changed.”

Your Hero's Journey with Darren LaCroix

If you think you’ve seen Darren LaCroix before, you will be surprised to find brand new content and brand new concepts. You’ll meet a sheep, a wolf, and a cartoon speaker hero that will change how you look at your own journey.

This new type of presentation will stick with you for the rest of your career because of Darren’s cast of characters and use of “Gamification.”

What’s gamification? Join Darren, and find out!Inspirational Speaker, Darren LaCroix


“Our presentations don’t change until we do.”
~ Darren LaCroix, CSP

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Your Hero’s Journey:
How to Impact Lives Through Your Story

Your Hero's Journey

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What did people say about Darren’s Your Hero’s Journey?

Dave Chase, Professional Speaker“For years, I’ve known Darren to be a humorous speaker who inspires. In “Your Hero’s Journey,” Darren turns that around to be a truly inspirational speaker who happens to use humor, story and metaphor to make his point. His presentation is packed with wisdom, insight and encouragement. My greatest take-away was to ‘live a life worth watching’.”

Dave Chase, Mastery Member
Alexandria, VA

— – — – — – — – — – — – —

Jamey French, Professional Speaker & Trainer“Darren’s humorous style and creativity really brought the Hero’s Journey to light in a playful manner using old school video game analogies. Darren’s message of using your life as a message is one everyone needs to hear.”

Jamey French, Mastery Member
Las Vegas, NV

— – — – — – — – — – — – —

Sau Yang, Professional Speaker“Darren used a super creative way to craft his message in ‘Your Hero’s Journey.’ I was completely drawn in as I followed his story arc – so much fun, and the message sticks!

Sau Yang, Mastery Member
Potomac, MD


Your Hero’s Journey:
How to Impact Lives Through Your Story

Your Hero's Journey
Add to Cart!Fast Start Program $47

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