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Healing Humor by Dave Fitzgerald


Healing Humor… I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!
Comedian Dave Fitzgerald “Live”

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

On May 14, 1996 Dave Fitzgerald was on top of the world. He had started a new business, The Humor Institute, with friends Darren LaCroix and Rick Segel. He was a professional comedian whose national television appearances included Caroline’s Comedy Hour and A&E’s Evening at the Improv. He’d toured 45 countries with the USO boosting the morale of our troops overseas.

And then, on that perfect day in May, he heard words we all live in fear of: “Dave, you have cancer.”

In his humorous, self-deprecating stand-up comedy act, comedian Dave Fitzgerald proves that you can face any challenge in life with humor. Is there really anything funny about the stress of a cancer diagnosis, learning about complex treatment options, and undergoing surgery? Yup! And Dave Fitzgerald illustrates this point in, I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up! Comedian Dave Fitzgerald “Live”

Healing Humor Can Offset the
Negative Effects of Life’s Challenges

Fitzgerald deals with the emotional side of cancer with
a humorist’s manner by candidly and amusingly examining:

  • God’s plan for him.
  • His nervousness about bladder surgery and the removal of his prostate — “Even I know that the prostate is connected to the fun machine.”
  • His love affair with a PSA — a Patient Supplied Analgesic machine — “…which means you’re in charge of your own dope.”

Dave switches roles from comedian to inspirational humorist in his observation upon leaving the hospital. His message “Feel the Breeze” will inspire you, give you comfort in trying times, and remind you to always appreciate life’s small wonders.

If you believe in healing humor power, this is the CD for you! I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up! Comedian Dave Fitzgerald “Live” is laughter for the soul. Dave’s anecdotes are your antidote. Laughter is the best medicine? You bet your life it is!

This CD includes a bonus track of the song “Feel the Breeze” written in memory of Dave Fitzgerald.*

Healing Humor: I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!
Comedian Dave Fitzgerald LIVE

38:45 minutes / Some adult themes

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“Need a laugh?” -Dave Fitzgerald

“Remember to feel the breeze.” –Dave Fitzgerald

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