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Healing, Hope, and Humor

Healing, Hope, & Humor ~ Video DVD

The award-winning inspiring story of Darren’s
comedy mentor and how he turned gravity into levity.


Healing, Hope and Humor
Award-Winning Inspirational Documentary
Time: 40 min

During his first recovery, Dave Fitzgerald wished he’d had something funny & inspiring to watch. Since there was nothing quite like this, he decided he was the perfect person to design a program for survivors from a patient’s viewpoint.


This film is a must-see program for anyone dealing with a life-threatening or debilitating illness. Cancer support groups, individual patients, and families will be inspired by Dave’s poignant and sincere discussion of his fears and what he did to overcome them. Take advantage of the DVD Introductory Special…

Houston Film Festival ~ 2nd Place in the Patients & Procedures category!

Reviews ~ (These reviews are from VHS Version under previous title.
Program has not changed except for title)

Homecare University

Oncology Nursing Press, Inc.

Booklist – December

Video Librarian

School Library Journal

Library Journal

Loved your tape – you did all the things that personify survival behavior.”
Bernie Siegel, M.D.

“(The video) features Dave Fitzgerald speaking about cancer and how he’s dealt with it.
It offers practical suggestions about coping and it’s very funny.”
Boston Globe

“(on the video) jokes provide brushes of comic relief in a
deeply introspective, life-affirming story.”
Boston Herald



After his 3rd ’bout with cancer, Dave Fitzgerald passed on March 16, 2000. He never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him. He was delighted that, because of modern medicine and his “magic mud,” he was able to enjoy life for four more beautiful years. His amazing attitude lives on. For more information about Dave’s life, or to find out how to make donations in his memory, please see our Dave Fitzgerald Memorial Page. Thank you.

“Remember to feel the breeze”

~ Dave Fitzgerald

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