Darren’s God Blog: Happy Birthday Jesus! | Darren LaCroix

Darren’s God Blog: Happy Birthday Jesus!

By Darren LaCroix | Darren's God Blog

If you have children did you get nervous when you sent them to college or off on their own? Reflecting on Christmas, as my own journey with God grows, I imagine how God felt separating from His Son for us. He sent Him down and came to us especially knowing what eventually was in store for Him.

Wow, I’m actually getting choked up while I write this. I can’t imagine, and I don’t even have kids of my own. I remember when I left my nephews to move out of state. I still have a hand-written note from one of them on the side of my fridge. I remember taking one out to dinner to tell him that I was going to move. I thought it might be hard, but I had no idea just how difficult it would be.

Jesus’s birth was a great gift to us, but it was also a separation from His Father. I imagine He must have loved when Jesus prayed to Him. Like a father getting a cherished call from his son. 

Thank you, God for giving us Your Son and for the grace You give us. My friend and pastor Vince defines grace as getting the opposite of what you deserve. We didn’t deserve Him, but we got Him. 

Happy Birthday Jesus. Thank you for the gift and for the grace.

(Reminder, this is just a journal of my mistakes, experiences, and thoughts along with my journey to having a closer relationship to God. I do not claim to be an authority on the subject. If you want to know The Way, read The Bible.)

What church do I attend? Verve Church in Las Vegas

P.S. Thank you, especially, for grace.

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