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Be a Sponge: “I Double Dog Dare You!”

By Darren LaCroix | Master Public Speaking

Yes, the tattoos are fake, but this dare is real. (The pic was a character photo shoot for my acting resume.) Seriously, this dare could not only be career-changing while helping people, but literally improve your self-belief. Here’s the best part, this will only take you literally 2-5 minutes a day and you don’t have to go to the gym! Are you a little curious?

Some tough questions. Be honest with yourself and think these through. Do you care about helping people? Do you care more about helping people than looking good? What I’m saying is, if you are willing to put your message above the messenger (you), this is perfect. Prove it! This will stretch you and you will grow in the process, Darrenteed.

This will help get the word out about you while literally growing your following, no matter what level you are at. Sound pretty good? If you ever thought about doing your own podcast, this would be a perfect way to lay a foundation for that too, if you choose.

OK, here goes. I challenge you to do a 2-5 minute Facebook live video every day for 90 days. Boom. Yup. Why a Facebook live? The Facebook algorithm likes live videos better uploaded ones. Doing it live is also a little scary. Perfect. That’s what saves you time, rather than doing 100 takes until you get it right. It also gives the viewer what they want to see, the real you. Authenticity and vulnerability connects. Just connect, give, and help people.

Don’t over think it. Just do it. Whatever moves you at the time. You can do like I did, I have a pad of paper with ideas on it. Whenever an idea pops into my head I write it down. If you are experienced, you can start with some mini-lessons from your own content. If you are new it will help you see what resonates the most with the viewer. Look at this as helping people while testing new ideas and analogies. If you commit, I promise you, by the time you get to day 77, you will have come up with several ideas you would have never thought of before you committed to the challenge. It’ll become your gold that you can add to your ongoing presentations.

Here is my own Day 1 of 90 “Find Your Voice” Challenge

I will tell you that the challenge I got came from attending a Russell Brunson training. He challenged us to a 365-Day challenge. Wow! I bet 90 Days seems more do-able now. LOL. I thought about the people who read my articles and for you, I thought 90-Days was just right. You can go longer if you choose.

You might be thinking, “What will I say?” Perfect. That’s the cool part, you don’t need to know today. I know planners will have a tough time with this. I get it. Plan a few days out, if you must, but that is the growth part, you commit without knowing. Trust ideas will come to you.

When you commit, a shift happens in your brain. Tanya Pluckrose jumped into the challenge and realized once she did more, ideas kept coming to her. Once you were on the path things change and comments encourage you. You may think, “Wow, people are listening and I am helping people.” Tanya said that and proved new ideas come along the way in one of her videos. She made a metaphor out of stinky meat!

You will have self-revelations, my friend Beck Spohn took me up on this challenge. I was so impressed and moved by Becky’s vulnerability. She said that she had to think about the challenge before she committed. She realized that, when she was not traveling she did not normally wear makeup, and that if she committed, she would have to do hair and make up every day. She realized how crazy it was to let that stop her. Hear for yourself.

You go Becky! Remember: Do you care more about helping others than about how you look? There are many poor perfectionists out there. Don’t be one of them. Your audience wants to present, not perfect.
What will you learn about yourself as you go on your challenge journey? We don’t know. That is the exciting part!

Multiply Your Efforts:
Here is the cool part. You can share the links to your videos in other social media and literally multiply your efforts by sharing on other platforms. We call this repackage, repurpose. It’s powerful.

I learned how to download my videos from facebook, then upload them to Youtube. Boom. If you hover over your own video on the post page, there is a “click for more” button, then in the top right, click on the ••• icon and there should be an option to download. This is always changing, so when all else fails, ask a teenager to help you!

Bonus idea:
Take a look at my Day 9 Inspire by Example (Filmed at NSA Austin)

In my audience was Christine Halbe-Moore. I never met her before, but she had seen my post and jumped into the challenge! Cool. You never know who you can touch with your videos with the intention of helping.

Do you challenge your own audience? I’m thrilled and inspired seeing people jump into this challenge. I challenged my Stage Time Members, the Austin, NSA Chapter and on Saturday, my own Las Vegas NSA Chapter. How could you help them grow by giving them something do-able, yet still a challenge that stretches them? Think about it, then test one out. If that does not resonate, then try another one. I think we need to continually challenge people who come to us for guidance. Some times we can serve best by challenging. It’s simple, just create some guidelines and ask!

Here are some Stage Time University Members who took me up on the 90 Day Challenge. Love it!

Denise Banks-Grasedyck • Tim Barnaby • Tanya Pluckrose • Kathi Kulesza • Jennifer Haston • Justine Go • Gary McKinsey • Natsuyo Lipschutz • Bob Ramsey • Albert Chang • Maureen Zappala • Sonia Beals Schonning • John Paul Garcia Pantoja • Scott Johnston • Albert Chang • Darlene Corbett • Wayne Schoeneberg • Tina Guillot and brand new member Scott Carley!

Other friends who are diving in:
Becky Spohn • Christine Halbe-Moore • Olga Fomenko • David Clark • Jeff Stein • Dionne Ross • Sheryl Green • Mark SA Smith • Daniel Morris • Mary Elizabeth Tracy
If I missed you, I’m sorry. Remember my first questions. This is not about you. It’s about helping the people we are uniquely qualified to help.

By the way, use the hash tags:
Some challengers created this one, which I love!

Create your own hashtags for your messages if you wish.
Start today. Tell your story. Share your lessons learned. Be vulnerable and help people!
Do you care more about helping people than how you look?

My day 2-4 videos, watch them out now:

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