Do You Celebrate Your “Little” Successes? | Darren LaCroix

Do You Celebrate Your “Little” Successes?

By Darren LaCroix | Motivational Tips & Quotes

So, I’m on the plane headed to a meeting in LA and I’m sitting next to a young boy and his mom. He was “celebrating” his very first flight. I gave them one of my Just for Laffs Comedy CDs as a celebration gift (inexpensive marketing too!).

His enthusiasm made me recall my early days of flying and how I was nervous rather than excited. Then, in true Darren form, my brain went off on a tangent, and I began reflecting back to my early days of speaking.

I can’t remember who I got the advice from, but one professional speaker (Jim Rohn? Brian Tracy? Tony Robbins?) said to celebrate even the smallest successes. Even though I was living with my parents, had a day job, and every penny counted, whenever I booked a paid speech (not much in those days) I would buy myself a new CD. It was my little celebration.

No matter how badly I might want a CD, I disciplined myself NOT to buy it unless I could pay for it with speaking money. This made me work harder to book my next speech, and it turned out to be quite a powerful incentive. Now, those CDs mean more to me than any others in my stack.

How will you celebrate even the little successes?

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