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Darren’s THE SPONGE: Yeah, But Do You Own It?

By Darren LaCroix | Inspirational

Wow, ever find a new book that you just love? The insights are brilliant and it is exactly what you needed. If you’re like me, you tell all of your friends about the book. You want everyone who has the same aspirations you have to get those same insights you got. It’s like when enough trusted friends tell you a movie is great, you just have to go see it.
This is exactly what happened to me recently. I’m realizing that I need to change my marketing strategy and had been trying to find a new way that is authentic and works for my style. I listen to Audible books, and I was so excited about a marketing book that was recommended to me. The writing made the ideas simple and easy to understand. I loved it. I liked it so much I had started listening to it a second time.
I told my friend Stormie Andrew, who owns a marketing company in Las Vegas, about this book. A week later, he was attending one of my workshops and came up to me enthusiastically and said, “I loved the book. I got it right away; in fact, this weekend I went through it four times!” He even went and downloaded the pdf that went with the book and looked at the author’s website. Wow. I thought I was a sponge.
Wait. I stepped back and thought about what just happened. Stormie not only loved the book, he went through it four times and also downloaded the pdf and looked into attending the live workshop the author put on. Yeah, I went through it, but Stormie owned it. He brought a better mindset to his reading of the book. I’m all for being a perpetual learner and reader; but if we are not executing, we are missing out on the true purpose of learning. That true purpose is growth.
Now, not all books are worth “owning it.” It’s not the book; it is the insight and growth it potentially provides. If we are presenters, we have to own the stage. We have to own our message. If you are a leader, you have to own your leadership style and voice. If you are an expert or an emerging expert, you need to own your marketing.
The true growth is from the implementation of the ideas. Following that is your internalization of those ideas so that they become a part of who you are. The next level you.
Stormie inspired me by example. I love that. He did not tell me what I had to do, he just told me what he had done. His excitement not only got me even more excited, it got me to dive deeper into the content. Most importantly, his actions started me implementing the insights into my own marketing. New insights are always scary to implement.
Not all books and courses are created equal. Some aren’t worth going through a second time. Often we don’t need another new book or course, we need to own one that we love. I know you are probably thinking, “What’s the book?” I understand, but I hope you understand this…go back to a favorite one that you found content-rich and loved, and see if you did in fact own and implement all of the concepts. Do you own the result of the reason you bought the book or took the course in the first place? What is the top priority in you life or career right now? I promise you that if you found a program, course or book that is content-rich, you will find new ideas the second and third times thought it. New insights are great, but it is easy to be a student. It is more challenging to implement and make mistakes along the way until you own the outcome you desire. I love when people go through my programs a third time and tell me they get even more out of it each time. I’m responsible for creating content-rich programs, but the student brings the mindset which multiples the effect of the program. I wish there was a way to make sure people go through several times and apply what the new insights they have gained.

When Stormie came to the Train-the-Trainer Master Workshop he immediately went out and applied the new insights to his own event. Ed Tate, who lead that program with me, and I went to Stormie’s first full-day workshop after learning from us. It was amazing. We were so proud. Seeing that he had applied an incredible amount of what we taught, Ed and I shed tears of joy.

I’m now going through the book a third time and starting to apply more of what I learned. Stormie, thank you for reminding me of a valuable lesson. I see why you are a brilliant guy…you implement better than most I’ve ever seen. As he inspired me through his action, ask yourself, “Yeah, I read it, but did I own it?”

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