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Darren’s God Blog: Here’s Your Sign?

By Darren LaCroix | Master Public Speaking

OK, this requires a little back story. I have been making a conscious effort in my business to start thinking and being world-class. In an effort to do that, I am taking inventory of what we do and how we do it. In December a conference planner, Guilia, was bringing me in to speak in Italy. She commented on what was visible ehind me in my videos. She said that when she watched my video to promote the conference she was distracted by trying to figure out what was on the wall behind me. What?


A beautiful, framed shadow box has been in the background of my videos for 10 years. It holds the tie I was wearing when I won the speech contest and several pictures capturing that accomplishment. It was a gift. When you’re standing next to it, it looks cool. Rarely does anyone come to my home office, but thousands of people watch my videos. In the background of my video it makes no sense. You can’t tell what it is. Guilia was right! OK, something needed to be done, but I needed to make it classy, sassy and clear. How could I create something world-class? (pic of old backdrop)


My first thought was to have a sign made with my Stage Time University logo on it. That would not cost much, and it would look nice, but it wouldn’t be world-class. On December 13 I contacted the banner company that we had been doing business with in Vegas for ten years. They do world-class work and have great customer service. The challenge was that a world-class sign was not in my budget. I had been digging out from a few money mistakes I’d made. How much could a sign cost though?


I reached out, gave them dimensions, brand colors and sent them our logo. I waited for a quote. And waited. I called and got no response, so I decided to stop down there in person. I met the man in charge of the signs, and described again what we were looking for. He took notes at a desk filled with what appeared to be other projects. OK, he’s busy with big projects; this is just a little one. He promised to get a quote back to me before the holiday. This time I asked him to send it directly to me. Perfect. I would be traveling, but it would be made while I was gone. We could put it up when I got back. I left excited again and with my faith in the company renewed.

When I got back from visiting my family for the holidays, I had heard nothing from the sign company. I called, left a message, nothing. A week later, I was getting frustrated so I went down there again. The people at the front desk remembered me. I think they were a little embarrassed that no one had gotten back to me. A week later a quote finally came in. It was the wrong logo, on the wrong backdrop, and it was sent to my office manager instead of directly to me as requested.


Ugh! I was more frustrated. I was also in a pickle because the money set aside for the sign had to be used elsewhere. I said to myself that there had to be a reason. I guess we were not meant to work together. Two years earlier my reply would have been very feisty, but I decided to be a better example of a Christian. I replied factually and let the company know that I was disappointed. I showed them the email trail, explained that everything was incorrect, and that I was surprised because of the track record I had had with the company. I told them I understood that my project was a small one and that because of their non-response, I had to start looking elsewhere. Thank you.


The next day I got a reply back that he owned his month of non-reply. He made no excuses and offered to make the $500 sign and install it for free. On February 12, they installed the sign. Wow. It blew me away. I was happy that I was being a better example of how to act as a Christian. To me being a Christian doesn’t mean that we roll over and play dead when things get difficult. It means replying with truth and respect. I have had times when I, too, had failed to get back to someone. I could relate, and I could also politely walk away.


I believe God had noticed my improvement and that He had delivered the $500 sign to me as a gift. It was like He was saying, “Here’s your sign.”

Thank you for the books I’ve been reading, the men’s groups I’m a part of, and The Word. Amen. Thanks for the sign, God. It is a great reminder every time I see it.



Thank you, God, for Grace, Truth, Love, and Laughter,


(Reminder, this is just a journal of my mistakes, experiences, and thoughts along my journey to having a closer relationship to God. I do not claim to be an authority on the subject. If you want to know The Way, read The Bible. Find a Bible-based church,f and get connected with other believers in your area.)

What church do I attend? Verve Church in Las Vegas http://vivalaverve.org


P.S. Thank you especially for grace.

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