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Darren’s God Blog: Answered Prayers?

By Darren LaCroix | Darren's God Blog

OK, I’m getting back to writing about another subject that matters to me. My faith. Have you ever prayed for something and got it? But the way you got it seemed to come in an unconventional, yet logical way? Coincidence or just that fact that He works in strange ways?

If you are anything like me, I’m still sometimes not sure if it would have happened without the prayer. I truly hate to admit this, but I’m being transparent, in case you can relate. That way, you hopefully feel like you are not alone.

I sometimes struggle with this. Others may say it’s just a coincidence. But is it? My friend Maureen keeps track of when she asks and marks off the date when it is answered. Wow, I found that inspiring. 

So, I started an Answered Prayer journal. It is a purple composition notebook like you may have had or seen in school. I sometimes forget to write them down, but I get most of them. It blows my mind how many are answered. Some even shock me. They rarely come in a direct, logical way. That is how many people may pass them off as coincidence. To me it makes me think of how Jesus healed the blind in The Bible. He never does it in the same manner. If he did, we might mistakenly think it was the method. We might have seen lots of people spitting in dirt and making mud, then spreading them on people’s eyes. It wouldn’t work.

As He has shown us, it takes the faith of the person who prays and the asking itself for the healing to happen. So, in an order to help me literally be reminded of what God has done in my life, I started my Answered Prayer journal. I would have thought the fact that I became a professional speaker and get to do what I love for a living would be enough. I remind myself the prayers I prayed in the mid-1990s and the life I live now, but it doesn’t hurt for me to start a journal too.

How about you? How do you build your faith? Please share for me and anyone reading. Thank you.

(Reminder, this is just a journal of my mistakes, experiences, and thoughts along with my journey to having a closer relationship to God. I do not claim to be an authority on the subject. If you want to know The Way, read The Bible.)

What church do I attend? Verve Church in Las Vegas

P.S. Thank you, especially, for grace.

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