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Get Paid to Speak with Fred Pryor Seminars

Do YOU want to Get Paid to Speak? (…and never have to market?)


Want to just show up and speak?  Not everyone is a good marketer, but how to get to speak without marketing?  The same way many successful professional speakers did.

Fred Pryor Seminars is looking for good trainers who need Stage Time.  People who believe changing the thought process in the minds of the audience is the most important thing they do.  Trainers who have a passion for sharing their message.

Did you know World Champion Speakers, Craig Valentine and Ed Tate both trained for public seminar companies?

If you have decided to go from good to great this could be the opportunity you have been looking for to help launch your public speaking business. How many times have you said I would love to make a living as a professional speaker? This is the year to stop talking about it and JUST DO IT!

Advantages of working with Fred Pryor Seminars, a division of Park University:

Forty-year track record

You leave the details to us!

  • You do the training — we do the planning, marketing & travel arrangements.
  • We take of customer service and phone support.

Personal benefits of a contract vendor relationship with us!

  • Our professional development opportunities for contract trainers are the best in the business.
  • Ongoing learning opportunities include trainer networking meetings, customer feedback, study groups, and more.

Expand your horizons!

  • Explore cities across the United States and Canada.
  • Keep all frequent user perks that hotels, airlines, and car rental companies shower on frequent travelers!

In 2010 Guy Burns decided this was the path he would take to follow his dream of becoming a speaker. He is now helping others get into the speaking industry.

The first step toward following YOUR dream is to go now to and do your due diligence.  As a friend of the Darren LaCroix’s you will receive special consideration. Follow the instructions below to make sure we know Darren referred you.


The next step will be to record a 10 minute video of you presenting in front of a live audience, or use one you already have.  Video should be professional not personal in nature.  Post it to YouTube and send the link to In the subject line put “Darren sent me”.

Include contact info, the best times to be contacted and what topics you are interested in presenting.

​Are you making any of these Top 10 Speaking Mistakes?