Here are several resources I use on a regular basis. While I cannot guarantee you’ll have the same fantastic experience, I’m quite confident that these companies will be helpful to you.


Video Emails:

Darren’s favorite tool! BombBomb video email.

Not only is it my favorite tool, it builds my business and creates an unforgettable experience that wows my customers and clients.

I get replies weekly like, “Thanks for reaching out personally! Talk about great customer relationship management!” – Ian

“I have bought many a speaking program over my life time, but this technique you just did is great.  You personalized it and even said AK, so you got my attention with this.” – Michael

Check out TalkaDot

My new favorite Game Changing Marketing Tool.

Get more Referrals with Talk A Dot.

Get reports instantly generated like this:

Tok a Dot

Get More Referrals with Talk a Dot.


Audio Editing

Recording myself on stage: Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-821, $60

There is probably a newer version out now. Picks up audience well when connected to an omni-directional lapel mic. The one I use is no longer available, but I bet you could find one by googling.

Recording testimonials at a conference: iRig 2

Make sure it connects to your phone. I use an iPhone, Android users may need the original iRig.


  • Apple: I use the built-in audio editor, Garage band constantly to edit our podcast.
  • PC: I suggest a free program called Audacity

You could also find a pro to do it for you! See Podcasting section.

Technical Questions:

My “go to” place for audio or video equipment questions is B & H Audio.


Podcasting Tools
  • Podcast “How To” Class: Your Brand Your Podcast
  • Podcast Hosting: Libsyn
  • Sound board: Rode-caster (You can find on Amazon or B & H Audio.
  • Recording Podcast Interviews:
    Squadcast (I like the quality a bit better, but not as convenient.)
  • Microphones: AKG P420 or AudioTechnica AT2020 USB
  • Headphones: Tascam TH-02 (No idea if these are best, but just what I use)
  • Your Stats: Here is a free resource I use to help collect podcast stats:
  • Editing/Podcast/Coaching: Danny Ozment. *Note: He is the one resource on this page I have not actually paid. Some of my expert friends use and love him. I have talked to him, got advice from him and interviewed him on one of our Business Mastery Calls. Danny:
    His company:


Live Events
  • Virtual Seats – We use, How do we use this tool? Watch the video below to find out.  We use the “Meetings” (Not webinars) and turn on the breakout room feature.
  • Sound board – Rode-caster ($600)
  • Streaming Video Cameras: Huddle CamHD (Love these! $400 each.)
  • Back Drops, Table Cloths/Banners, Pop Ups: We use Franklin Documents.
    They are in Vegas, but ship anywhere and can turn around banners in 24 hours after they get artwork. They created our backdrop, standup banners and table top pop-up banners.
  • Microphones:
    AKG P420 XLR
    AudioTechnica- AT2020USB
  • Portable Speakers: Bose SoundLink Mini. I have these with me as a backup for small workshop venues. Love them. Tiny and powerful.
  • My remotes: Yes, I carry 3 with me in my computer bag.
    SIIG – (My “go to” for small rooms, love how it grips in my hand. $60)
    Logi Spotlight – Fancier and requires software on your computer.
    SMK Link – FM Frequency. It’s kind of bulky and is for bigger rooms with no line of sight to your computer.

(Make sure the one you choose allows you to black the screen. (Same as “b” button when showing slide. If you haven’t seen it, go to your computer right now and check it out.)



Coaching is the fastest way to go from good to UNFORGETTABLE. Darren is living proof. He is the first to tell you that without his coach, Mark Brown, he would not be a full-time professional speaker. But, don’t just get a coach, get the right coach! Not all coaches are the same. They each have their own ninja skills.

Find the right coach to meet you where you are at to take you to where you want to go, quickly. Darren does not coach one-on-one, so he recommends his Stage Time Faculty. Check out his coaches and their ninja skills. There is also a podcast on the next page to help you decide who is best for you.

Transparency Disclaimer: I am a paid affiliate for some of the programs on this page. I only recommend tools and resources that I personally use. I recommend them because people ask me what resources I use. I update this page. I only recommend tools and resources that I have a good experience with. Your experience may differ from mine.