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Be a Sponge: "It’s Not Pause for Effect… It’s Pause So ______"

By Darren LaCroix | Master Public Speaking , Stage Time Articles , Toastmasters

Have you ever heard the statement about public speaking, “You must pause for effect?” What do they mean by that? Just to be dramatic? So? The more I studied the World Champions who came before me, the clearer I understood what speaking was all about. Speaking, when done properly, is a two-way conversation. The conversation […]

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Be a Sponge: Tsaheylu: How to Take Your Audience for a Ride 2 Presentation Lessons from the Movie Avatar!

By Darren LaCroix | Master Public Speaking , Public Speaking Business , Sponge Articles , Stage Time Articles

Do you realize that every presentation is different, even though you are the same person? Even if your words are exactly the same and you have the same intention, it’s still slightly different each time. Do you know why? Do you see them? I mean, like Avatar’s message, “I see you?” During my 14 hour […]

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Darren’s Sponge: 5 Things Your Presentation Needs to Be Memorable

By Darren LaCroix | Inspirational , Master Public Speaking , Motivational Tips & Quotes

No one wants to be boring. No one has that intention, yet most presentations I see are just that. Boring. The good ones are average at best. Some of them may be informative, but not very memorable. Even the professionals who know their job and their subject can’t seem to create memorable presentations. Here’s the […]

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