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Behind the Scenes…

By Darren LaCroix | Public Speaking Business

So, I had a call today with my copy-writing mentor, Dan Lok. Have you ever noticed that if you’re accountable to someone, you get more done in the hour prior to the call than you do the two weeks leading up to it?

One of the things Dan asked me to work on was updating the “images” of my different products. I have been so focused on “writing copy” the past few years that I never even considered the pictures! Duh! Sometimes it helps to hire a pro to point out the obvious, too.

Dan reminded me that people do judge a book by its cover… and CDs, too. Even when we’re talking educational tools. Guess it’s still about the Presentation!

Not having time to hire a pro photographer, I became “photo boy” today. It’s amazing what you can do with a bed sheet, a digital camera, and some well-designed product. Oh yeah, and the PhotoShop wizardry of Cynthia! (Thanks!) Above is what it looked like “behind the scenes.” (Yes, those are my feet and yes, I’m wearing shorts!)

I will eventually pay a professional photographer to retake these pics… but the bottom-line is — they’re MUCH better than the little jpegs I was using!

Want to see the end result? Click on this link and scroll to the bottom.

Hope you have someone you commit to, like I have Dan. He has forced me do the important stuff before I get too caught up in the “busy” stuff! Do I get it all done? Nope. But I get more done than I would if I wasn’t accountable to anyone. Wouldn’t you?

In between Stage Time… is still Stage Time,

Darren LaCroix
2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

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