Be a Sponge : What Does Your Invisible Weight Weigh? | Darren LaCroix

Be a Sponge : What Does Your Invisible Weight Weigh?

By Darren LaCroix | Sponge Articles

Darren LaCroix, World Champion of Public Speaking

Are you carrying around a weight every day? Maybe you do and just don’t know it. You can see by advertisements that athletic shoe companies are creating and promoting lighter and lighter sneakers each year. What they have created seems cool and remarkable, and people are responding!  Customers love sneakers that weigh less and less. Why? More comfort, and they believe they can run faster because of them. Companies are giving people what they want.

If we care about weight so much with our shoes, why don’t we look at our lives? Do you realize that you carry around the baggage of stress with you every day? Even walking into your messy office and seeing piles on your desk can create an invisible weight. How much do the invisible weights in your life weigh? More than you and I care to consider. Do you have financial weight, debt that you carry around in your life? How much does that weigh on you? Admit it or not, this affects all areas of your life.

215 emails!One thing I’ve learned from experience is that if you clean up or release the weights in one area of your life, it will lead to cleaning up others. What is one small area you can start with? Whether we like it or not, stress is a weight. Although, visual clutter is easier to see, what about the less visible weight?

One area that I did not realize was affecting me was email, both read and unread. What number of read and unread emails is acceptable to you? For me it was about 200. I would notice that I got more stressed whenever I saw 300 emails every time I opened my email program. I struggled every day just to get back to that acceptable level. Well, today is the day. Enough is enough.

198 emails!I challenge you to do this with me. I started playing with this last week and worked hard all week to get back to 200 emails. I made a pact with myself to get all the new emails taken care of each day and then handle a few more each day. The cool thing is that this is an easy number to track. Even if you have 1,000 emails to get through and you delete at least an extra 25 each day, you will feel it. If you are like me, you often kid yourself into thinking that one day you will sit down and go through all of them! LOL. Funny, but when you see progress, you feel better; and you gain momentum. This means that you are taking off some of that invisible weight.

Less weight, less stress, more progress. Who else is up for this challenge? Have you had enough? Ready to get to zero? Before you and I can get to zero, our first step is commitment. Starting today, I will post on my FB account a pic of my progress or lack thereof. Maybe we can encourage each other and create momentum. Are you with me? Please comment on my blog and FB posts, and let me know where you are and how you are doing. Inspire me!

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