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Be a Sponge: The Best Way to Inspire!

By Darren LaCroix | Inspirational

Do you love inspiring people? When you hear people say, “Wow, thank you, that was inspiring!” Does it fill you up? For many, it does. For me, it does for sure.

I love the self-development world. It’s filled with inspiring people, step-by-step processes and stories. It’s also filled with a lot of BS, but that is another article for another day. Though there are many ways people are inspired, in my opinion, there is one way that reigns on the top of the list.

Think about it. The people we are connected to, are connected back to us. We can influence them and they can influence us, be that good or bad. I honestly believe the best way to inspire is by example. In other words, live a life worth watching. The people who know you and your quirks, hang-ups and fears, they know your backstory. If you make a life-changing or career-changing risk, they will know how big that really is to you. They will see the struggle and when they see the results you get, it will mean more to them. It will be more inspiring to them. Telling the story is one thing, but seeing it unfold first-hand is quite another. It is inspiring at a deeper level.

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE defined hero once as an imperfect person striving to be heroic. Brilliant. If you are imperfect, then you just need to add the striving piece! What are you striving for? Where are you pushing yourself? If you truly care about the people around you and the audiences you will be in front of in the future, strive. It’s more than the speech you give, it’s the life you live. The more striving you do, the more stories you will have. The deeper your strive, the deeper impact you will have when you tell your stories.

Sometimes things that are unfair and unjust are thrust upon us. How we respond to them is where the inspiration lies. Victims aren’t inspiring. Seeing the process of how you dealt with some horrible challenge and turned it around, combined with a success-appreciation mindset, that’s inspiring! That is a hero. Especially when that hero makes it a mission to help other people who suffered a similar situation and the hero passes on the insights, processes and feelings from their own journey. You have a story to tell.

If I had to choose the second most important way to be inspiring, it would be to be transparent. Transparency and authenticity connect you to people. Right now, I’m in the middle of a 90-Day Challenge posting a facebook live everyday. I started the challenge, based on an idea from a mentor, to inspire by example. The videos that get the most comments, views and shares are the ones where I get real and transparent. It’s inspiring to see other people doing the challenge. Some of whom I did not expect to do it. It’s cool seeing them grow before my eyes. The commitment alone is inspiring.

Inspiring by example starts with a decision. Commit. Here’s the coolest thing about commitment, it’s contagious. When people see you commit, especially those you are connected to, they will feel inspired by your actions. Especially your kids, they may or may not hear what you say, but for sure, they see what you do. Your commitment to one thing and changing your self-identity will inspire people around you. They may commit to something completely different than you, but it is still committing to improving their own lives for themselves or their kids. Inspire by example, commitment is contagious!

P.S. What is the 90-Day Challenge?

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