When your best friend is going through a tough time, you listen. My best friend and comedy mentor, Dave Fitzgerald, had a distinctive gravely voice, a witty natural sense of humor and was filled with wisdom. He was also one of the most requested speakers at support groups around New England because of his wit and wisdom. His natural gift in that arena was what actually lead him to the stand up comedy world.

He was known in the comedy and support group world affectionately as Fitzy. Everyone loved Fitzy. He was just that kind of guy. May 14th, 1996, he was diagnosed with cancer. As soon as he was diagnosed, his abundance of fans and friends wanted to help the guy who brought laughter to so many. The support was overwhelming. I remember distinctly, one question he was asked by a friend in the support group world. This man said, “It’s just not right that this should happen to you of all people. You got sober, cleaned up your life and now you are a successful comedian. It’s just not fair, why you?”

I agreed with this man, but then Dave asked a question that astounded me. He replied, “Why not me? Thank God that I cleaned up and got sober so that I could be strong enough to fight this.” Wow. His humility, wisdom and peace came through his question.

Dave never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him. His thankfulness to be strong enough to fight this was sincere and inspiring. A lesson I need to remember. When struggles happen to us, instead of why me, let’s ask, why not me? This puts us in a better mindset to focus on the solution rather than to think like a victim.

Does that make sense? Why not me?

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