17 Minutes to Your Dream: Day 249 (Finally Back at It!) | Darren LaCroix

17 Minutes to Your Dream: Day 249 (Finally Back at It!)

By Darren LaCroix | 17 Minutes to Your Dream

Today I’m 60 minutes closer to my dream. You?

On Page 68 of the Script.

This whole Dream started in January, 2013. Yikes! What am I waiting for?

I worked on planting a seed in beginning & then calling back in the aftermath.

What is the aftermath? I learned the depth of the idea from Michael Hague. I use 2 characters from Diehard to explain in this video.

Click to play video and see the progress that was made towards my dream. My whole goal is to inspire you to make daily progress towards your goal.

Part A (Before)

Part B (After)

What is Darren doing and why?  See 17 Minutes to Your Dream: Day 1

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I’m at least 17 minutes closer to my dream than yesterday, you?

Dream time, dream time, dream time,

Darren LaCroix,

World Champion of Public Speaking

P. S. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW!  What are you doing to move forward every day towards your dream?

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