Invite Darren to Your Toastmaster Conference

At every Toastmasters conference Darren attends, someone will always tell him, “I came to see you!”
But Darren quickly responds…

“It isn’t really me, it’s the title. Most people have never met me, or they know little about me. For many people it is the mystique of the World Champion title that intrigues them enough to attend a conference they may have skipped.”

Darren’s presence, properly promoted, increases attendance and never disappoints. Darren’s goal? To be the best ambassador Toastmasters ever had!

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Letters from Past Conference Chairs

Earl Bateman

Wendy Farrow

Fred Lawson

James D. Shelton

What Conference Attendees are Saying

Hi Darren,

I wanted to thank you for your workshop at the Toastmasters International District 61 Conference on May, 3, in Montreal.

I have been attending workshops at District conferences for 22 years and I believe that this is the best and most informative workshop I have attended during that time.

Best regards,
John Fowler FCA, MBA, ATM(B)

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Programs for Toastmasters Conferences

Darren’s educational program descriptions.

  • Ouch! How I Went from Chump to Champ Description
  • Own the Stage Live Coaching Description
  • Speaking Outside of Toastmasters for Fun, Profit, and Club Building! Description
  • Humor 101: Start Getting Laughs Even If You Don’t Think You Are Funny Description
  • Just for Laughs! Comedy Keynote for Friday Night?

Promoting Darren for Your Conference

Darren offers his time on a first-come, first-serve basis. So ask early; he is in high demand! Since Toastmaster conferences are held in the spring and fall there are only so many weekends available. Barring cloning, Darren has not figured out a way to be in more than one location at a time.

Toastmasters International does not allow travel reimbursement for any speakers from membership dues. Since Toastmasters is a non-profit organization and Darren donates his time there is no fee to bring him to your conference. For Districts Darren requests that his hotel be covered, and airfare be subsidized by either a 50/50 raffle, local sponsor, local client, or a special “fund raiser.” (e.g., Southwest Airlines has covered the cost of his ticket in return for their logo on his handout and an acknowledgment.) If you have questions, please consult TI headquarters.

Download promotional materials – including a bio, photos, and more to help promote Darren’s appearance at your conference or event.

Get the most out of having Darren at your event!

And, if you can’t have Darren there, you can still have his ideas and techniques! See what he recommends for meeting topics and aides!

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