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The Whole Truth?

By Darren LaCroix | Stage Time Articles

First, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I don’t usually go as deep as I will in this article. Maybe I should do this more. You tell me. Also, what I’m about to say may lead people to opt out of my newsletter and choose never to read my blog articles again. I’m OK with that. Why? Because often the truth, and especially our deepest truth, is controversial. Click To Tweet Do what you need to do: love it, hate it, or take time to think about it. You are the CEO of your life. Me too.

I’ve had some great conversations while traveling and leading workshops in Australia. Some of the best conversations and questions came up over coffee or while driving in the car. I don’t remember exactly how it came up this last time. I think someone asked about where my consistent on-stage energy comes from.

I could tell you it is my passion and my enthusiasm. I could tell you I’m not sure, but that would not be the whole truth. First, I will tell you that part of it comes from remembering that every time we get on stage is a gift. We never know when we will take the stage for the last time. Part of my energy does come out of appreciation for that fact. This also goes along with what I learned from Mark Brown back in 2001 when Mark saw me start to get overconfident and lust after the trophy. He pulled me back to earth and grounded me when he said,

“Darren, you will have the privilege of 2,000 lives for seven minutes. What will you do with that?”

Yikes! The mindset shift helped, and it still keeps my ego grounded.

So, what’s the whole truth? God. I work for Him. Which is why I wear an “I am Second” bracelet as a reminder. Since I first attempted stand-up comedy back in 1992, I have been getting on my knees and asking God for help. Yes, there were times when I forgot or strayed and didn’t think I needed His help. My occasional “I’ve got this” attitude never worked out very well for me in the end. Now that my faith has grown, I ask the Holy Spirit to speak through me. It works. I have to let go of control and be in the moment. Sometimes, when deeply connected, I say things that I never planned or intended. They tend to be just what someone needs. Occasionally I forget for a moment and say to myself, “Where did that come from?” I know.

I’ve found out that some of my favorite speakers do that as well. When I learned this fact, it enhanced my own conviction and belief. Now it is a regular part of what I do. The cool side effect is that it takes some pressure off as well. Sometimes when it doesn’t go well, I think that without Him it surely would have been worse. He does not guarantee an amazing outcome every time. Remember, His plan, not ours. It is reassuring to know we are not really alone up there.

In some of my conversations with believers and non-believers, the reactions were surprising. Some believers don’t always ask for help, and the non-believers seemed to respect my perspective. Cool. I think the conversations made them think. I hope this article makes you think. Patricia Fripp says that learning happens in moments of reflection.


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