Stage Time: Thank You, Linda. I'm Inspired Again! | Darren LaCroix

Stage Time: Thank You, Linda. I’m Inspired Again!

By Darren LaCroix | Inspirational

17 Minutes to Your Dream

Ever been so surprised at what someone else did that it made you rethink what you were doing and how you were doing it? I really didn’t see this coming.  I was shocked. I was inspired by Linda and disappointed with myself all at the same time. It was May 15th at a speaker’s conference in Sacramento, California. I was there as the guest speaker and walked away learning two valuable lessons.

17 Minutes to Your DreamWhile walking around and greeting attendees, I ran into Linda, a sweet, sincere, motherly woman. I don’t remember her exact words, but what she told me rocked my world.

Before you hear what she said, a little background information. Back in 2013, I made a commitment to pursue my next big dream, writing a film script, something I had never done before and for which I had no training. I set out to find the best teachers of script writing to get direction and then dive in to writing my script. As experts in the self-development world, we are ridiculous to think that we can legitimately try to inspire other people to go for their dreams if we are not pursuing our own.

My plan was to commit to making at least 17 minutes of progress each day. If we are serious about our dreams, we can find at least 17 minutes a day to make progress towards them. My strategy also includes knowing that on many days we may make hours of progress, but the key is to make at least some measurable progress each day, at least five days a week. If we can’t, we need to find a dream that is worth finding the time.

The biggest challenge I found in achieving a seemingly unreachable goal was accountability. My technique was to post my progress daily on my blog. I asked those who were watching to hold me accountable. They did.

I was inspired by a series that my church presented: Live a Life Worth Watching. I wanted my daily blog posts to allow people to see me struggle in order to inspire them to make progress towards their dreams.

Now, back to Linda and our story. Surprisingly, Linda told me that she had been reading my 17-minute posts. She also told me that if I could write my script, she could write a book for her son. She did. I got choked up. My plan to inspire people through my struggles worked. That part was very cool.

Then my own reality set in. I had made 246 days of progress. I had written 52 pages of my movie script, and then I had stopped. Linda finished; I didn’t. My last post was over a year ago:

It’s time for me to recommit. It is time for me to get out of my own way and not make up any excuses. How about you? Do you need to recommit?

Lots of people talk an inspiring game, but Linda did it. Actions are more inspiring than words. Want to inspire people? Do something inspiring. Linda’s commitment to write a book for her son inspired me to move forward towards my dream again.

Thank you, Linda, for inspiring me by your example. I bet your son loved your book.


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