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Who else
wants to profit from free
web video?

Want to EARN MONEY while you SLEEP?
I say… “YOUTUBE IT!”

​Want to GET BOOKED more often?
I say… “YOUTUBE IT!”

Want all this for ZERO ADVERTISING $?
I say… “YOUTUBE IT!”

Darren's YouTube

Want your own ARMY of VIDEOS working for you 24/7?
Be found by your customers… FOR FREE!

​As a small business owner,
are you frustrated with the costs of
traditional marketing going up,
while results are going down?

Right now, 3 billion people search daily
for answers on YouTube
and if you aren’t there,
they can’t find you!
They will find your competition.

"In the past, video marketing differentiated speakers, now it is expected." -Darren LaCroix

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Dear fellow small business owner,

YouTube is the number two search engine behind Google, which also owns YouTube. Right now, potential customers are online searching for answers to their questions on video.
They are searching to find out:

Where can I find a ____________.”

“How do I _________________.”

“Is there a ___________ near me.”

If they can’t find you, they are finding your competition.

Have you noticed when you search Google now
you get video results as well?  

Do you choose text or video?
Many people would rather see video than just read text on a website.
That is just one reason people are now searching more within YouTube…
and YouTube is exploding.

Business owners large and small are realizing that marketing is changing quickly.

I heard recently, Proctor & Gamble are moving 100% of their advertising to social media.
The big boys “get it” do you?
Traditional marketing just isn’t working the way it used to.
Customers want more.
They want to see you. They want to get to know you and trust you.
People don’t just want a website, they want video to help them decide if you are the answer.

Want orders while you sleep, at zero cost?

​Once I decided to get my message in front of the skyrocketing YouTube audience
(at virtually no cost), orders started coming in each week from videos I posted one time.

Traditional advertising (magazines, TV, Radio, even Ad Sense) is not only costly,
but the ROI is rapidly decreasing.  
YouTube is free and is yielding higher and higher ROI.  
The most expensive part of posting effective videos on YouTube is your learning process.

I’ll save you time, frustration and money,
I say, “YouTube it!“

I’ll save you time, frustration and money,
I say, “YouTube it!“

Making videos

You might be thinking…
Web video seems too complicated and takes too much time!

​So did I!
Boy, was I wrong.
Today, I’m glad my competition is still thinking that way.
I do it all myself with a tiny little video camera and my laptop.
It works.
Your videos can and should be very short.
I found some of my most profitable videos are less than two minutes!

​Want more customers using an easy-to-follow, time-saving system?
I say, “YouTube it!”

​I’ll show you exactly what I do so you can quickly post videos that drive traffic to your business.
In 10 quick easy-to-follow video lessons, I’ll personally show you all you need to know to be up on the web in less than a day!

I say, “YouTube it!”

You’ll be kicking yourself for not starting this sooner. (I did!)
You won’t believe how fast and simple it is to create, post, and profit from web video.

By the time you finish reading this, I probably have another video up promoting my business.
(If you already have any video clips you are well on your way, if you know how to reach the right customers.)

Check Out Darren’s Channel and subscribe and see proof of his YouTube success.

Step by step

What have other business owners 
(who’ve never created or posted a video)
thought of my program?


“I love your down-to-earth teaching style! You make learning so easy and fun!

This awesome program shows business owners step-by-step how to actually create YouTube videos.

Most teachers just tell us… but you actually walk us through ‘how’ to do it.”

​Jodi Santangelo, Author, Small Business Owner


“​I’m such a techno-phobe that having Darren walk us through step-by-step was wonderful.”

​Charlyne Meinhard, Management Consultant

​​What if I have no experience creating videos?

​Perfect. This program was designed for you. Many of the most profitable videos are imperfect. People want “real” and want to relate to you. They are looking for solutions, not a million-dollar video.

Even a less than perfect video being found on the Internet that let’s people know about your business is better than them finding one by your competition, isn’t it?

“Done is more profitable than perfect.” -Darren LaCroix.

What if I’m afraid to be in front of the camera?

No problem. You don’t have to. You can be The Director and let friends, family, and employees who love the spotlight have it! You just need to be the one following my step-by-step process or let me train your employees with this simple system. I now have my assistant do some of it for me. She went though “YouTube it!” to learn how.

​But, what do I say on my video?

​Simple. I’ll give you several different easy-to-follow formulas that will let you look like a pro in minutes.  I’ll help you get your point across. They are the exact formulas I use and they work.

Save time, frustration and effort… Learn from my mistakes!

What you see, what they see

In just ten, 10 – 14 minute video lessons, you will get:

  • ​Step-by-step easy-to-follow instructions
  • ​How to be found on the web
  • video-camera
    My simple templates on what to say
  • video-camera
    How to gain credibility with potential customers
  • video-camera
    How to get the best testimonials
  • video-camera
    Discover your most valuable asset
  • video-camera
    How to expand that asset and profit from it
  • video-camera
    How to create first-class videos
  • video-camera
    How to be found by people looking for your product/service
  • video-camera
    How to look better than your competition on a shoe-string budget
  • video-camera
    Four powerful ways to serve your clients using video
  • video-camera
    How to convert web traffic into customers
  • video-camera
    How to save time by using video to answer customer questions
  • video-camera
    Biggest mistakes I’ve made and how to avoid them
  • video-camera
    ​Suggestions on how to make your video go viral!
  • video-camera
    Bring your blogs to life in seconds

​​​Why learn from me?

​​I uploaded my very first YouTube video in July 2007 and had no idea what I was doing. I now have over 325 videos and take orders every week from people who heard about my business on YouTube.

I committed to “figuring it out” and have a passion for inspiring and making it simple for others. Why not save your time and make it fast, simple and easy to understand, so you can be up on the web quickly. That is what I’ve become known for.

My customers say the number one reason they invest in my learning programs is because of the value they received from prior purchases. When surveyed a common statement is:

“I got so much value from the last program, I knew this would be good.”

Why now?

​Millions are searching right now.
More and more people are searching for products and services through videos. 

Search happens… get your videos found.

Be First!

Establish yourself now, beat your competition.
Find customers and clients that prefer the medium of video. Though it is exploding, you can still brand your uniqueness ahead of the curve… if you jump in now.

Satisfaction DARRENTEED!

Is there a guarantee?

If these video lessons don’t make it simple, easy, and fast while inspiring you,
I will give you your money back. My name is on it. It’s Darrenteed.

OK, how much is this going to cost me?

What are you spending now? I personally spent thousands a month on traditional marketing. I now get orders every week from free web video. Now that’s profitable. Wouldn’t you like that?

The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance.” ~ Ben Franklin

What is your current cost of advertising?

Would free be cool?
With this one-time investment, you can tap into millions of searchers.

What is the life-time value of just ONE of your best customers?

For me, a single repeat customer who comes back for more, is worth at least $1500 and growing.

This is a no-brainer.


“​Darren really took the fear out of working with YouTube. He really made it YouTube for Dummies!

​​Alton Jamison, Motivational Speaker

Added BONUS:

Better yet, what is the value to you if I make it so simple, you actually do it yourself? Priceless. The most powerful tool is the one you use. The most powerful education is the one that is applied in everyday business.

How will you feel if you have videos up later today?

Marketing is an investment. If you put an ad somewhere that doesn’t work, the money is lost, never to be seen again. There is so little risk. All you need to do is follow my steps and you will save time while doing it right the first time.

OK, but how much?

Typical marketing classes can range from $699 – $1500. If it was anything like the marketing classes
I took for my college major, they rarely had real-world application for today’s business.

YouTube It!” . . . is very specific, simple, and easy-to-apply.

This program would be a steal at $500.

​Your investment is just $297.
Ready for your own ARMY of VIDEOS to
 bring you web traffic 24/7?

Ten short video lessons that will show you exactly what to do.

We could have made them longer, but we value your time and want you to come back to learn more!

    “Darren showed us how to measure the results
which will be really beneficial. I’m excited
about putting it to use as soon as I get home today
~ Ron Chapman, Performance Development Consultant