Speaking Skill Level 1 (Getting Started)

Public Speaking Course (Getting Started)

Want to jump start your public speaking, FAST?

Whether you just want to improve your public speaking fast or start a public speaking career, the Fast Start Pack was created with you in mind.  Better than a public speaking course because you learn directly from Darren and you can listen again and again


Ask yourself these four questions:

  • Do I want wisdom from a World Champion Speaker coach?
  • Do I want more laughs?
  • Do I want to get paid as a speaker?
  • Do I want to be inspired to make it happen quickly?


If you answered “yes” to any one of these…
this could be one of the most important web pages you’ll ever read.


Want it all… FAST?

Go at your own pace.  Then this public speaking course is a no-brainer.  Darrenteed!

Most speakers wish they were better. Most speakers don’t know what they don’t know. If most speakers don’t get new tools and techniques, they will just keep reinforcing the same bad habits and become more and more frustrated.

Many “seasoned” speakers have heard this first program and told me it improved their speaking immediately. In fact, I’ll bet that this first program will bring you more than the full value of this whole set. I Darrentee it.

Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach

Secrets from a World Champion Speaker Coach ~ Audio CD Recorded live

What are the crucial elements of a great speech?(Most people miss.) What are the common mistakes speakers need to avoid? (Most people don’t.) Don’t be like “most” people. Get Darren’s perspective from years of coaching at the highest level. Get the clear and straight truth from someone who has been coaching presenters from beginners, to world-class for over ten years. He has seen it all! This will save you time and energy while taking your speaking to a new level.

Humor 101 with Darren LaCroix

Humor 101 ~ Audio CD Recorded live in Las Vegas

Want more laughs? Wish you were funnier? Funny people think differently. Think like they think. Humor can be a learned skill.  Darren is proof. In this program, using just one 2:39 minute exercise, you’ll hear four people who never wrote a joke before get laughs

Go Pro: Start Getting Paid to Speak

GO PRO: Start Getting Paid ~ Audio CD Recorded live

The biggest problem with emerging speakers is they devalue their own experience! This program will show you what you already know that people are willing to pay you for and how to get started. Darren gives you his outline on what to say!

Humor and Hope ~ Audio CD

Gain and keep momentum towards your goal or dream.  Darren’s inspiring journey from Chump to Champ will inspire you. Hear directly from his mentors past and present.  You’ll discover his three beliefs that will help you build your own!

Get all four “game-changing” audio programs!

FAST START Speaker Pack

U.S. $59.95

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Darren was not born with the gift of public speaking. But his drive, determination, and daring to dream.

“My class feedback said that I was inspiring — that I was phenomenal! I was
asked if I speak outside the Learning Annex. Your teachings DO WORK.”
~ Isaak Gelbinovich — Staten Island, New York


Because he knows, once you start seeing how simple and clear his teachings make things, you will only want more from him!


Darren’s FAST START Speaker Pack


  • Speaking Secrets of a World Champion Speaker Coach – Audio CD (value $24.95)
  • GO PRO: Start Getting Paid – Audio CD (value $24.95)
  • Humor 101 – Audio CD (value $24.95)
  • Humor and Hope – Audio CD (value $24.95)

Total Value = $99.80

Internet Special: $59.95

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